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  1. Hello [emoji112] I will have to check out the thread for that sailing, thank you. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Well after 40 cruises I can honestly say we do just sleep and shower in our cabins. When we arrive to a port we are off the ship from the moment we can get off to the time we need to reboard . This itinerary has 4 ports. On sea days we are poolside from sunrise to dinner time then casino and shows. So yes it’s possible and is done. We did end up getting another cabin since my original post on this thread. We are also doing 3 pre nights onsite Disney prior to the sailing for a family of 5 . Also majority of my cruises I upgraded prior to the sailing by bidding or price drops. I prefer to spen
  3. When I was booking the Allure for the sailing date cabin options were limited, I didn’t have an option for family interior or any larger ocean views. I’m planning on spending the least amount of time in our cabin. We actually did get another interior cabin cause my oldest daughter is now bringing a friend who has never cruised. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Oh goodness, that is definitely a con! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. No worries, I was supposed to cruise in August of 2020[emoji24]but yes it was cancelled. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Thank you all, I guess consensus is the room will be tight , we plan on only sleeping and showering in it. If we weren’t planning on staying at Disney a few nights prior to the cruise I’d get a bigger cabin. But 5 people staying at the Polynesian in Disney and passes adds up plus we’re doing the cruise too all the same trip. Good to know my children shouldn’t be bored, cause when I proposed the Brilliance of the Seas due to the itinerary, my kids weren’t thrilled with the looks of the ship. Figured with Allure more space to social distance especially if they don’t sail to capacity in 2021 an
  7. I’ve been astray from RCCL for about 7 years now, but after my recent Carnival cancel for August I decided to book with RCCL pretty much due to Cruise with Confidence assurance. We booked 8/15/21 and I was hoping to get some feedback about the ship. The itinerary is ok, but would have liked to do something other than Bahamas and Jamaica, which we’ve done many times before. I’m traveling with my 3 teenage children 13, 17 & 19 so I needed a ship that will keep them busy. Any feedback would be great , but I’m particularly interested in any feedback on a promenade interior room. We usually
  8. We also received a prompt refund. We were sailing 8/8 on the Breeze , our cruise was cancelled. I received the email on June 23rd asking me what I’d like, I chose the refund since I had paid in full and too much uncertainty right now with cruising . I received my full refund 7/3/2020. I really was anticipating a long refund and was pleasantly surprised. I’m thinking if I rebook a cruise in the near future , it may have to be with another cruise line that offers up to 48 hours prior cancellations if need be. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Well yes, It looks pretty much like a cancelled cruise. I was originally booked at Disney for the week before I changed to the cruise. I still kept 1 night staying at the Disney Polynesian resort the one night prior to the cruise. Seeing that Disney was possibly going to open again. Then the restrictions remain in place for us coming from CT anyway. I still have flights booked into Florida regardless if the cruise happened or not so if the restriction was lifted then we would have still had our vacation to just Florida. As far as leaving CT, I worked through this whole pandemic on the frontl
  10. I work in healthcare and I’m currently booked on a cruise for August that most likely won’t be happening,just waiting for the announcement any day now. I was just told last week that if I travel internationally I’m supposed to quarantine upon my return for 14 days. I could travel domestically with no quarantine restrictions other than the fact I live in CT and pretty much banned at this time to travel to any domestic state.....Here’s the kicker, but I was told I have been approved for my week vacation but not approved for the quarantine! I mean I have enough PTO, but it seems like my quarantin
  11. Thanks, yes at this time I can only get the most compensation by having the cruise cancel on us. At this point I’m at the point where I just hope they do, but hoping they do it soon ,please. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Thanks all for the feedback, it’s not looking too promising though, but it kind of just goes with the flow of 2020 so far🥴nothing but disappointment. God willing there’s always next year 🤞🏻 Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Yes, I just saw that. Well if Carnival cancels on us then it’s out of my hands and at that point I’ll either take a future cruise credit or my cruise refunded in about 3 months. Makes my decision much easier. I hope they decide sooner rather than later. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. We are currently booked on the August 8th sailing on the Breeze departing from Port Canaveral. We also live in CT where as of right now we are one of the states that are currently mandated to self quarantine upon arrival into Florida. I know as of right we are in limbo as to if the cruise is actually going to sail. I’m just curious how the cruise line will handle this. I called Carnival and the agent made it seem as if there wouldn’t be a problem, but we are scheduled to fly in the day before the cruise into Orlando. Honestly I feel she may have not known what to say to me. I’ve seen that y
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