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  1. Seazond

    Burial at sea/scattering ashes

    My condolences. I'm not sure I understand your question, though. Are you flying to your cruise departure port? If so, I would ask the airline.
  2. Seazond

    Communication with Teen On Board Ship

    I love how the innocent question originally posed has morphed into this current thread.... OP, if you and your kids can utilize smartphones - then text or message away! It works at home, and if you pay for or can find a way to get the service, it will be most natural to the kids. Second option could be the walkies. As someone else stated, though, carrying a squawking box around isn't fun on vacation. The third is likely what has worked best for most - a combination of "check in at such-and-such a time" and leaving messages on the cabin phone or notes in the cabin. The biggest problem with this last is - if the check in time is missed, or a change in plan needs to be conveyed - chaos ensues, since there is no backup communication plan. Likely this will result in one person staying at a "home base" location and the other searching all likely hang outs until each missing person is located. In an urgent situation, the cabin stewards and other staff members (kids club, etc) can be enlisted to help. In a true emergency, there is an intercom / PA system to relay messages. (Mr. Smith, please dial guest services). Yes, kids will be kids - parental supervision can be less than ideal, etc. The real issue is that each family needs to establish their expectations and rules, and then imagine the "what if's" and come up with contingencies.
  3. Seazond

    Children Shouldn't Travel

    I agree that the adults will remember, and that should be good enough - but I also will add this: my early childhood was spent traveling internationally with either or both parents. It was no big deal, and to me very normal. I also lived near a border, so crossing into another country could be achieved in less than an hour. Again, no big deal. Fast forward to married life, and I discover I am married to a man who never traveled. Never left his home state until moving at 12 to another home state he didn't leave. Well, there's a real FEAR that developed in him toward travel. He didn't know how. Panic set in when we crossed the border into Canada (accidentally) and we changed plans and decided to take another route out of the country. After much exposure, he is now a happy cruiser and will take any trip I throw his way. I contend that a child develops many skills, abilities, experiences, expectations and such from being exposed to travel. These are not just the immediate day to day travails. Exposure to early travel sets them up for being open to the future adventures of life.
  4. Oh no - I'm type O! I wash very often, with lots of soap and warm water. I don't touch railings and use elbows for doors if possible. I carry wipes with me, and wipe my hands after ordering anything (How many other hands have touched your menu before you?) I carry a small can of Lysol onto the ship and spray the cabin often. I read somewhere that the Purell-type hand sanitizer does nothing for Noro, as Noro is a virus and sanitizers kill primarily bacteria. So it's good for keeping away many other types of illness but not Noro.
  5. Seazond

    NCL Pack and Play

    Just a thought - how about a wrap / sling / baby carrier, instead of a stroller? My DD is a big fan of them, and often has her one year old on the front and the 3 year old on the back. It's a lot of weight for the parent to carry around, but also both hands are free.... I've gone to amusement parks with her, and we swap off the older one - he's much easier to control in a wrap!
  6. Seazond

    Early or Late? What do you like and Why?

    We always did early, with the exception of our last two cruises. The first of those, we had ATD. I was not a fan... to me it seemed the service was second rate, and the food coming to table was not warm enough. Maybe they got mine ready first each night, then gathered up the tablemates' and presented at table - I am not sure, but I was not very impressed. I agree that in theory one can schedule their day's activities in whatever way works for them and then do dinner around that. But the reality is most will still pick a set time and keep it each day. The last cruise we had late dining, as dh and I felt the need for a change. We don't really do too many late night activities and there was so much going on in the clubs, etc. We also travelled with another couple who always took late dining. We found we were not enjoying the dancing, etc since we had just eaten. And we were forcing ourselves to be night owls when naturally we are larks. I think the most sleep we got on that last cruise was six hours - and that on a sea day! I think what I have learned is to mirror your natural cycles on a cruise. If it feels normal to eat earlier, then do so. If you are a late eater, do that... that's why there's more than one choice.
  7. Seazond

    passenger overboard on Carnival Triumph

    If you read the comments under the article posted by [B]rlkubi[/B], there is at least one commenter who gives a possible scenario... I know it's only rumor, but if the commenter is correct - then we have our answer. And if it's true, I doubt Carnival would release that info.
  8. Another alternative, mostly utilized for larger family groups is to use the gym / spa area showers. Actually, they are really nice - and you have a much bigger dressing room as well!
  9. I've been looking for about a week... sometimes I log in and sometimes I do a check as a "newbie", just to see if there is a deal for past guests. Most of the time there is no deal. Got the call from a PVP last night. Unfortunately, I told him I was just looking. As soon as I hung up, dh asked why I didn't book anything! Sigh - going to have to check them out again and make some plans.... BTW, my old PVP has moved on... this new caller is not someone I am familiar with. But, my old PVP did let me know of deals that I was not aware of. We once booked one week different than the week we reserved just to get some OBC and reduced fare.
  10. Seazond

    Buffet questions

    I agree with the pp - similar, but not EXACTLY the same. To the OP - the buffet is set up with stations, each normally following a theme and there are choices at each. There will be a variety of meats, seafood, and vegetarian meals at each station. You can go check the MDR menus each day, as well as the specialty restaurants, and make eating decisions then. If you see something in the MDR, and for whatever reason don't wish to have the entire meal there, order for room service. (One could even get room service for one item, then go to the buffet to round out the meal). The bottom line is - I don't think you will be disappointed at all in the choices on HAL. Give it a try!
  11. Seazond

    Late dining v Early dining

    From what I recall, the adult comedy shows were at 11PM. Should be plenty of time to eat dinner and then snag a seat. They did have a more family friendly show earlier, and you'd need to miss that one with late dining. Another thing I seem to recall is the doors to the comedy area did not open up until about 15 minutes before the show. (Is that all ships, or just the one we were on?) This kept the people from grabbing seats and just camping out - seemed to be more of an equitable situation for getting seats. The production shows are done twice nightly to allow for both late and early dinner guests. Same show, so you won't miss anything.
  12. Seazond

    Is it Carnival.com or my computer?

    I would delete your history/cookies and try again. That said, you're not the only one.
  13. Seazond

    Minor Travel and Medical Forms

    I travel several times a year with various grandchildren. I always have a notarized medical release form signed by both parents. I have not yet been fortunate to cruise with the grands - but I am given to understand there may be forms specific to the cruise line to authorize minor travel. Just something to check, wouldn't want to get to the gate and be denied on a formality. Happy cruising!
  14. Seazond

    RCCL website (Is it just me???)

    Not just you - I just tried to find a cruise by date. I knew it was there before.... could only populate one cruise found, and not my departure port or destination. FOR THE WHOLE MONTH - one cruise! Wrong-o! I went back to the specific ship, then searched - found it!
  15. Seazond

    Nieuw A cabin furniture question

    Verandah cabin - storage ottoman only. We sailed Jan 5th. I couldn't see the room with both an ottoman and a chair - where would you put it?