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  1. All of the changes mentioned in this thread. But what I find more disturbing is the inconsistencies I like to know is included when I go on a cruise and at this point I have no idea what that is for YC. Choices are great but after reading this thread I no longer think MSC is a good one for me.
  2. I wonder how many people like me were planning on trying MSC for the first time because of the inclusiveness of the YC but are now cancelling because of the changes. If it wasn't for these message boards I would have been very disappointed not to get all that was promised.
  3. Vicki I want to thank you for sharing your experience to help the rest of us avoid it. This is the type of information that makes cruise critic valuable. Donna
  4. I don't think it has anything to do with politically correct culture just correct. Words (still) matter.
  5. I know in the past you were able to pay the difference if a drink was above the limit but I am unable to find that on Celebrity's website. Can anyone provide a link? Thanks
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