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  1. Thank you. No, all the captain said was that we’re going to New Orleans. They can’t even give us a port time. So, no one can even make flight arrangements until they do that. We were so close to key west and Sky was leaving the dock and we just kept on going. Tampa out of the pic as they don’t have a deep port there for this ship. The captain made the announcement and then left his crew to be bashed by all the guests. I was 2 feet from the desk when they were making the announcement so I was the first in line to ask questions. They couldn’t give any answers. They said that they don’t know any details only that we’re going to New Orleans and we have to get off the ship. I have video where passengers were chanting “don't get off the ship” over and over. It was kinda scary.
  2. I’m parked at Miami port and when I asked about this they replied book a flight and go back to Miami and then call customer relations to see if they will refund. They are very cold and no compassion at all. As for the ones of you that are saying that we’re cry babies. Shame on you. If you’re NOT out here in our shoes then keep your rude comments to yourselves. I watched 2 ships come through the exact area that we were supposed to this morning and they made it just fine. NCL screwed up on this from the beginning by announcing that we were staying overnight in Cozumel and then changing their minds. They told us to be back on board by 4am and then decided at noon when people left the ship at 9am that they were now going to leave at 6pm. Who does this? At this point we had to wait for all passengers to return to the ship which was at 11 pm and then only at that point we sailed full steam at midnight and we were only 89 nautical miles from Miami when they announced at 6:54pm that the port was closing at 10pm. Which I made add was announced to the public on land at NOON. You know that the captain had this information and didn’t tell us until 7 hours later. Talk about feeling like the ugly step child. Give us a break. If you were on here dealing with what we are you’d be upset and pissed as well. They aren’t communicating with us. I read updates on the website before they announce it to us. That’s effed up no matter how you look at it. Whew. I think I feel better now. Y’all have a safe night and don’t worry about us cry babies.
  3. They just announced that we won’t be back until at least September 4th.
  4. I’m on the breakaway now. And they’ve changed our arrival 4 times now. We were told at 7pm that the port is closing at 10pm tonight and have denied us entry. The captain said he doesn’t know when we will be able to come in. It’s really been a cluster F. Sure hope they have enough booze. We’re gonna need it. Sorry about y’alls Cruise. Lesson learned as this is my first problem ever like this. I should’ve packed more medicine. Good luck to y’all.
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