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  1. Thanks everyone for your help, Liny
  2. Hello, I am on the Grand in a few weeks out of San Francisco. I work 3 block from the port and would like to work up until I need to board. I see that the ship sails at 4pm but I do not see any instruction on when I need to be on board by. Can I board at 3:20 without any problem. I wanted to put in an 8 hour day at work. Thanks for your help, Liny
  3. Hello, I have not been on Celebrity Cruise line since 2001. I am on the Summit in a few months do they still let you bring your own soda on board Like Carnival and RCCL does ? Thanks, Linny
  4. Hello, Can someone please tell me if I can still take the safari bus ( dollar hauler ) from Kmart to Coki Beach. Did this 10-12 years ago and was wondering if that still works. Also took it from Kmart to Sapphire beach I think. Does that still work ? Thank you, Linny
  5. Hello, I just spent 20 minutes on the princess site looking for their soda policy and could not find it. Do they let you bring soda on board the first day ? Thanks, Liny
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