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  1. After two or three cruises to Bermuda we decided to fly there and spend the full 7 days exploring the island. Best vacation we ever had! We rented a small condo-type building from a resident...pretty much just a bedroom/kitchen/bathroom. We had full use of their swimming pool. If I remember right it was only about $125 a night...total. We rented a scooter from Oleander's and toured everywhere! I'll never forget the beautiful beach views along the southern road. Our favorite day was leaving from the dockyard along the southern road, towards St. George...and we stopped at each and every beach access along the way.
  2. We cancelled a Celebrity cruise in July and have received our refund. However, back in January or February I called the Captain's Club for a price reduction. Was told they can't adjust the price and I was transferred to the regular number. I was surprised...if they can't do a simple price reduction then I don't need them at all.
  3. I remember a cruise show (maybe it was on the Discovery Channel?) from a few years ago (maybe even 5 to 10 years ago?) that said the ship had to be at 95% or higher capacity for them to make a profit. That's why they use move-ups and price reductions to fill the ship, especially after final payment date. I guess the unknown is can they make money at a reduced capacity with reduced staff and different itineraries? Same question for restaurants...
  4. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings owns Norwegian as well as Oceania and Regent Seven Seas. I guess this means all three may go under. Norwegian is the third largest cruise line by passenger volume (8.7%). It's hard to imagine how bad things will be when a company of this size can't survive.
  5. I cancelled a cruise on March 10 (before final payment) and got the refund on April 6. Almost a month.
  6. I cancelled our July cruise on the Summit on March 10th. The refund hit my credit card today, so just a few days short of a month. Interesting that the credit hit my account today but it is dated April 1st...six days ago.
  7. Almost all the stations show their content live on the web. Google Fort Lauderdale TV stations and choose one.
  8. The normal cams are overloaded. Google Fort Lauderdale TV station and choose one. I'm watching live coverage on channel 7 in Miami.
  9. We also cancelled a Celebrity cruise on March 10th. So today is the 20th day and no refund yet. I called on Friday...they said the refund had been "posted" (which I guess means "in progress"). The rep said to give it a few more days. I'm hoping to get it by this Friday, April 3rd. The frustrating part is that when I pay them they pull the money instantly. Refunds take days and even weeks. If they can automate pulling funds then they should be able to automate refunds too.
  10. We canceled our Celebrity cruise out of NYC on July 12. Just too many unknowns at this point and I wanted to cancel before final payment so that we got a cash refund and not a FCC. To be honest, I was half thinking of canceling anyway due to the stupid pricing games Celebrity plays these days. Refundable deposit, non-refundable deposit, four perks, two perks, three perks. They make it impossible to watch pricing and look for the lowest price possible. Very frustrating. We also pushed our April 5 trip to Disney World back to mid-November. April trip was mainly for the flower & garden show at Epcot. Mid-November was chosen because it'll be the food & wine show at Epcot. The food booths at each show are a lot of fun. Temperatures in mid-November are typically 65 to 75 degrees, so it'll still be nice.
  11. Safari here. My fix was to delete the Cruise Critic cookies (Preferences, Privacy, Manage Website data, do a search for "Cruise" and then delete any items it finds). You'll have to log in on your next visit.
  12. I second the advice to call the folks at the trip insurance store. They're quite good at explaining your options and helping you make a choice. Ask them about their "insure as you go" strategy. https://tripinsurancestore.com
  13. Perhaps my first post on this subject should have included something about this being a problem on Activity Streams. I do all my reading here via Activity Streams. I forgot that the regular forum pages don't use the condense/expand buttons.
  14. See below. I see Condensed/Expanded on my Activity Stream pages, on the upper right side. One pic shows the page set to Condensed. One pic shows the page set to Expanded (exposes the first few lines of the post). The buttons stopped working for a few days, but now they work normally again.
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