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  1. I've seen guys on YouTube use a foam gun. Was curious about getting one, but I don't own a pressure washer (usually just rent one when needed). And it seems like overkill for my cars...we don't let them get that dirty...a good auto detergent works fine.
  2. I put Wet & Forget on my roof once a year, every other year at the most. Easy to use, just spray it on let the rain wash it off. It stops the black algae stains from gaining hold. Roof looks so much better without those black algae stains. On the back side of the roof, which gets less sun, it also stops moss from growing. Our deck is on the back side, so this year after pressure washing the deck I also sprayed it with Wet & Forget.
  3. Is there any reason for the average homeowner to sanitize the shower head in their home bathroom? Does it matter if one is on city water or well water?
  4. Thanks for the pics, I've never seen the interior. Looks great, I'd have loved it. In this hot used car market I'll bet the FJ40 Cruiser prices are soaring. On one auto forum I follow some with 1 and 2 year old cars are getting more than they paid from Carvana and Vroom. Then turning around and getting a 2021 model.
  5. Those little panels behind the front doors are also doors? If so, I never knew that.
  6. Every time I see an FJ I wish I owned one. When I see one on the road and point it out to my wife she rolls her eyes. Must be a guy thing.
  7. Maybe? I just checked, we were on the Enchantment in July of 2012. Sorry I don't remember any names...but it does sound familiar!
  8. I do plan a site visit to talk to them. And I found a second shop for evaluation too. I've seen pictures where the PPF was hand cut and they made many "cuts" in the cars paint. It was horrible! I've seen a video where they talk about the machine-cut PPF. And how they tuck and hide the edges. And the benefits of using both PPF and a ceramic coating. Thanks for the great info!
  9. I would be interested in hearing a little about your experience with PPF. I did a little research...one option might be PPF for some areas, ceramic for others? Your last post mentioned how important it is to find a good shop. Someone here recommended this shop. The link below is their page and it includes pricing...maybe you have some input on their pricing. https://aplusautostyling.com/tesla/ Thanks for any info you can provide.
  10. I'm pretty sure I saw the Meguiar's product yesterday when we purchased the wax. I'll get some. Yesterday I did buy some Meguiar's car wash. Since the car was new I've been using Optimum No Rinse (called ONR). It seems to do well enough, but doesn't suds up at all. I think ONR was developed for areas with water restrictions, many use it with a two bucket process instead of using a running water hose for pre-wetting and rinsing. One bucket with the ONR solution, one bucket with clean water for rinsing. I guess I prefer a nice sudsy solution for washing the car. When the car was new three months ago I bought some Chemical Guys spray...says it's a hybrid wax (whatever that means.). After washing you spray it on then buff. I haven't tried it yet. As for the compound polish, I would only try it on the small dime sized area the bird poop left. Regular wax for the rest of the car.
  11. I've been considering PPF for the front end of our new car. Might also lightly tint the side windows. Got home yesterday from a drive and found some bird poop on the hood. It seems to have dulled or etched the clear coat...an area about the size of a dime. We were already thinking of performing the cars first wax job, so we did that. It may have helped a bit? Not sure. A neighbor recommended trying some polishing compound. I also saw a YouTube video by a pro in a body shop, using a compound and an electric buffer that completely removed a similar spot.
  12. I'm curious about this. One of the largest makers of automotive glass says their windshields block 98% of UVA and 100% of UVB rays. Your post says "from window" but I don't know if you meant the two front door windows or the windshield? If you meant the windshield, I'm curious why you added the clear tint?
  13. Here in Maryland they would be buried 36-inches deep. Re: downward. What's the old joke? Three things a plumber must know? 1) payday is Friday; 2) poop flows downhill; 3) never bite your fingernails.
  14. Here in Maryland one would have to bury their plumbing deeper than what I saw in your pictures. How deep was the underground plumbing? ps: my parents built a house in Bethany Beach, DE in the mid-70's. Same deal with the fill...dozens of truck loads of dirt to raise the lot.
  15. After three cruises to Bermuda we flew there and spent seven full days. Rented a small condo from a homeowner for $100 a night. Even had use of their private swimming pool. Also rented a scooter for exploring the island. Best vacation we've ever had!
  16. Years ago I put in a timer that looked like the one in your picture. No time of use for lower rates here (back then and still not today). But I had the timer shut the water heater off from 11 pm until 5 am. Worked nicely, we did not notice a difference at all. I took the timer off during a little renovation about ten years ago. Our electric rates here are about as low as one will find in the U.S. Ten cents per kWh.
  17. Our home is all electric. I'm interested in a tankless water heater but my research seems to indicate the electric tankless water heaters leave a lot to be desired when compared to a gas model. Would love to hear what others here think about an electric tankless water heater. I'm also facing a full electric service panel. Last month I had to install two "tandem" breakers to make room for a new circuit to charge our new electric car. We have a 200 amp panel, maybe I could install more tandem breakers for a tankless water heater? I don't know.
  18. That's true. We're going to make a pizza tonight...green pepper and onion...one of my favorites.
  19. Interesting. All the instructions we found say to preheat the pizza stone, which does make sense. We use a mixture of flour and corn meal on the pizza peel. But we got much better results after pre-baking our crust for a few minutes. Without pre-baking it was tough to get the raw dough with toppings to slide off on to the pizza stone. A few times we've pre-heated the pizza stone, but rolled the dough out on a thin metal baking tray we have. Pre-bake a few minutes, remove the metal tray and pizza crust...pile on toppings and then back in until done. I haven't fully convinced my wife, but to me the pizza that used the thin metal baking tray was just as good as putting the dough directly on the pizza stone.
  20. Roll out onto pizza stone? We bought a pizza stone a few months ago and have been experimenting. When we make dough from scratch we use a pizza "peel" to slide it onto the pizza stone for 5 to 8 minutes of pre-baking. But your phrase "roll out onto a pizza stone" intrigues me. A hot pizza stone?
  21. I try to watch the SpaceX launches. I won't stay up late or get up early either...the replays are easy to watch on the SpaceX web site. 17 was originally scheduled for a few days ago. Weather delays have pushed it back. 17 has an early morning launch window, 18 has an early AM launch window. First time I've seen the Geoff Barrett web site. Very nice. I've been using spaceflightnow.com for the schedule. And lately I've been using https://www.rocketlaunch.live/?filter=florida. Just now the Rocket Launch Live site was updated to show 17 has slipped another day, to Feb 05. But my other sites don't show that yet. Rocket Launch Live has filters one can use to show launches for a particular area or for the entire country.
  22. I should have mentioned LaCrosse in my post. Their stuff looks good too. As for the fan in the AcuRite...some call their stuff AcuWrong. 😉 But overall it looks like good stuff. I was just more drawn to the Ambient Weather hardware.
  23. I think most would consider Davis Instruments weather stations to be the best. The price reflects that too. They start at $350 or so and go up. The AcuRite stuff is very popular. I almost went with AcuRite, but they seem to nickel and dime their customers. Want to see the data on your smartphone? Costs extra. Want to push the data to a web site? Costs extra. The Ambient Weather stuff seems comparable to the AcuRite stuff. But Ambient Weather doesn't nickel and dime their users...everything is included. The biggest complaint you'll see about the Ambient Weather stuff is that the inside unit, the display, has a narrow viewing angle. Both AcuRite and Ambient Weather have units that would please your wife. An easy to hang outside sender. Inside display that shows outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity. The forecast and barometric pressure too. Prices start around $60 or so.
  24. Andrew, your description of the weather station on your kitchen counter prompted me to do a little research. I've always wanted a personal weather station and I was blown away by the technology in these things today. No wires to run at all! I ended up purchasing a model from Ambient Weather. Outside unit is solar powered with battery backup. Inside display shows wind (speed/direction/gusts), rain accumulation, outdoor and indoor (temp and humidity), barometric pressure, UVI and light indexes and phases of the moon. This model also makes it very easy to share your weather data on the web. Mine is sharing data to the Ambient Weather site, Weather Underground, PWS Weather and Weathercloud. Here's a pic of mine after set up:
  25. We buy Smithfield three-packs of baby back ribs at our local Costco. I always removed the membrane, but about two or three years ago I found the membrane had already been removed. Even though the instructions say to not rinse them (same for poultry) I always do. I'm careful to avoid splashing outside of the sink area and do a careful cleanup afterwards.
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