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  1. tigerlilycruiser12

    Dawn 2018

    I booked the 14 day too. I was also looking for the repo from Tampa to Boston and can not find it either.
  2. tigerlilycruiser12

    We need a new ship in Boston!!!!!

    Me too.....can't wait.
  3. tigerlilycruiser12

    We need a new ship in Boston!!!!!

    We still have the Dawn but I like the fact she is doing one 14 day round trip from Boston to the Caribbean in 2018.
  4. tigerlilycruiser12

    Best GEM Inside Cabin Number?

    Midship 9 think we booked 9077
  5. tigerlilycruiser12

    Medical issue may have to switch dates need help

    Thanks. Going to call travel agent and try to figure it out.
  6. I am suppose to be on Friday cruise to Bermuda and have been struggling with a medical situation that is not getting better. Don't know if it will before Friday. I have travel insurance. I was wondering if I could transfer my booking two weeks from now to the last Bermuda cruise out of Boston. I was hoping to cruise for my birthday but so far I am not getting better. I really don't want to cancel. Thanks in advance.
  7. tigerlilycruiser12

    Breakaway and weather

    Two Feb. ago we went to the Caribbean on the breakaway and hit 33 foot seas for over 8 hours. Never did I feel unsafe. It was difficult to walk mostly at the Buffett. Most people were out and about inside the ship. They would not let us go outdoors. The safety of all on the ship is their main concern.
  8. tigerlilycruiser12

    Breakaway and weather

    Planned a cruise with my family. We finally all got to sail on the same date to beautiful Bermuda. Due to igor we ended up in Bahamas and Flordia.
  9. tigerlilycruiser12

    Your favorite item on NCL menu...

    Chocolate lava cake... Unbelievable
  10. tigerlilycruiser12

    NCL Dawn photos of refurb starting Jun 17!

    Can not wait. 😀. ENJOY
  11. tigerlilycruiser12

    Boston to Bermuda

    Me too
  12. tigerlilycruiser12

    Boston to Bermuda

    Iceland would be nice but like your idea Barb. I would love to go to SC and then Bermuda.
  13. tigerlilycruiser12

    Boston to Bermuda

    That too
  14. tigerlilycruiser12

    Boston to Bermuda

    Any opinions or guesses is the Dawn going to come back to Boston in 2018 for the Bermuda run or will we get another ship? How about the Gem coming to Boston? What do you think?
  15. tigerlilycruiser12

    Dawn AND Pearl out of NOLA 11/2017?

    Wonder what ship will do the Boston Bermuda cruise ?