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  1. So at 18 he can go into the casino and clubs if he chooses, even with not being able to consume alcohol?(that is the rule for sailings not in Europe, I believe)
  2. I have a newly 18 year old. I am familiar with children's activities. I am familiar with adult activities. Can parents share how their 18 year old fared on cruises. Is it no man's land? Are only the all family places available to them?
  3. I saw a couple leaving the store onboard on the next to last night carrying a box of bottles back to the room. I never went to the store, so I don't know for sure.
  4. I've always heard ginger helps, and you can take that in pill form so you woldn't have to worry about carrying the actual root onboard. I've never heard of green apples. When I was little I always thought they would make you sick to your stomach.
  5. Wait.....one of our party has the clap??? Quick, someone sign up to bring a gynecologist. There must surely be a discount on the fare if you bring your own doctor.
  6. Oh PLEEEEEZE...Can I be in it? I'm not over 80 & I'm not in a scooter. Do I qualify??
  7. ...tisk tisk tisk...and people here complain when others take their young children on a cruise because they can be disorderly at times........:D Do you really think Barry Maniow in stiletto heels will be quiet while being eaten by an alligator?
  8. Oh yes, Vicar. We might even save a little extra(not enough for that $5 frozen drink, mind you, but a little) if we don't need the cruise director either. All for Vicar, say, "AYE!" All opposed say, "NAY!"
  9. Would they reduce our cruise fare by a certian amount if we promised not to watch any of the cruise provided shows?? Oh, cause the Cruise Critic Variety Hour sounds much better.
  10. I figured out another way to save a bit. I hate paying those obnoxious tips, so I will bring my own servers. HAL would surely feed and house the help at no charge, right?
  11. Is the chain saw used to enlarge the cabin the same one used for the cows? Sorry I didn't realize someone else was bringing a cow. We might not need that much. I'm feeling free range chickens on the Lido. Anyone else feeling the fresh eggs? Maybe they don't belong on the Lido deck, but maybe the Poop Deck, instead??
  12. If they can mix up their own drinks nice and fresh, I've got a couple of questions. I like my beef really really fresh. Do you think they would mind if I brought a cow along? They could butcher it up nicely in the kitchen for me. I only eat steak occasionally, so I'll only need one piece, but it so much more economical to buy the whole cow. I save almost .37 cents per pound on the steak, and the rest the waiters could help the chefs wrap and package for me to take home. Oh my goodness, this will save so much over having to have the stockyard butcher it for me. If you brought your own tupperware, you might even get a cents off discount for taking a small portion home yourself.
  13. I won't point them to us, but I'll point us to them: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=57981 It is pretty tame. None of the bashing I would have expected.
  14. You almost made me spit yogurt on my laptop. That was the first time I think I actually laughed at loud at something I read on the internet.:D
  15. Oh, I forgot. I have also ordered a sofa from a store in Key West. Rather than pay freight charges to my home, I am having it delivered to the ship the day will be there. Now, how convenient is that??? Do you think people will sit on it if I store it in the hall outside my stateroom? I would hate for it to be sat upon before I get it home. Take this is as a warning. If you see an oversized couch outside a room on the 8th deck, stay off, please.
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