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  1. The washy washy stations were there when we were on her in Oct ‘17. Hoping our corner aft has been updated!
  2. $500 has always been more than sufficient for us. We use our credit cards as much as possible while on the islands and for shore excursions. The cash is reserved for tipping and more “local” purchases when credit card isn’t an option. We aren’t big spenders.
  3. I used Google Hangouts to call our son while on Adventure last month. I would prep your mother not to hang up right away as there can be quite a delay in them hearing you.
  4. We are also currently onboard. I second a lot of the comments to use taxis to get to/from the airport and port. The shuttle looked very busy. When we arrived at the pier, we were on the ship 10-15 min later! There are a lot of kids onboard but they seem well behaved and hey are all smiling. Probably the a/c and full bellies!
  5. This is helpful information for those of us with up coming cruises! Thank you so much for your review. Despite the travel headaches of getting to San Juan I am getting so excited for Saturday!!
  6. Are the hot tubs open tonight? Just thinking after a long day of travel that may feel nice the first evening!
  7. We had pending charges as well after disembarking, roughly the amount of our Sea Pass card. They disappeared.
  8. Make sure both parents are present as well or they will not accept the application for the 8 year old.
  9. I would call your airline and change your return flight. Most airlines are waiving change fees through Spring 2018. Best wishes to you!
  10. Yes, be sure to ask in Windjammer at breakfast for GF pancakes, waffles, French toast. They may not have all items everyday but usually at least two. On Freedom it was located in the back. Also, on Freedom they had gluten free Usi’s cookies at Sorrentos. You had to ask pretty early in the day!
  11. That is a lovely dress and perfect for formal night. I remember our first cruise...I know it’s difficult, but don’t over think clothes! Really all you need is beach wear and dinner wear. Not much in between!
  12. Call Hotel El Convento! They said they would be open after Nov 1.
  13. https://www.san-juan-airport.com/arrivals.php This is showing quite a few more arrivals and departures if I am reading it correctly. The departures are experiencing some delays (perhaps related to the President's visit) but they are moving.
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