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  1. We renewed our vows for our 50th at Church and the following week took everyone on a cruise on the Anthem of the Seas (knew the grandchildren would have more fun) to celebrate 50 years. After the past year everyone had, we decided let's celebrate 55 (no vow renewal this time) on the Oasis!!
  2. Truce!! I just need to get back on a cruise ship. January 2022 can't get here soon enough for 12 nighter on the Equinox. But biggest will be next July celebrating our 55th Anniversary with our entire Family!!!
  3. I did. Google this....polo ralph lauren polo soft touch short sleeve tee
  4. I only posted the OP the picture of the "t shirt" to verify that Ralph Lauren makes and labels collarless "POLO" T shirts although she emphatically stated...."Absolutely no one is going to call a T-shirt made by Polo Ralph Lauren a Polo shirt".
  5. I definitely know the difference between a "polo" shirt and T-shirt and that is why I asked the OP the question. My husband has almost 2 dozen collared 3 button polo shirts from Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren and I just bought him 3 Ralph Lauren (collarless) t-shirts with "POLO" on the labelling. But since we are originally from Brooklyn, when my husband was growing up, they wore collarless polo T-shirts (no Ralph Lauren back then). To verify my reply, I just asked my husband and he agreed before I hit the reply button.
  6. Are you referring to a collarless t shirt or a 3 button collared "Polo" shirt???
  7. I completely agree for a different reason. We have always booked port side cabins. Since I suffer from severe motion sickness, my face has to forward when lying in bed (same as facing forward when driving a car) to ensure I will not be sick. The Celebrity spread sheet includes bed location which has enabled me to choose the right cabin on all our Celebrity cruises. We just booked 7 cabins on the Oasis for a Family Celebration next summer and have no idea which way the bed will be facing. Fortunately, I will be able to swap rooms with family if the bed placement in our room doesn't
  8. ...and I was so happy that it was only going to cost us $35 to start earning the benefits available for CC members!!!
  9. According to this latest update, and in case I missed seeing it, 240 free internet minutes has been eliminated from Elite plus perks. There is now a 35% discount.
  10. Intrepid 55, I agree with you're entire post. Just want to add we are also Elite Plus and just like many others on this thread have spent lots of money cruising Celebrity and earned those 240 free internet minutes each.....and we want them back!!!!!!
  11. Just saw this thread and replying to the OP. IMO the best way I can explain the difference between Celebrity and Oceania (even though we've only sailed O twice on the Riviera) .....Oceania is currently what Celebrity used to be when we first sailed them in 1993 on the Horizon and stayed that way until RCI bought them out and, little by little, chipped all the luxuries that made Celebrity a Premier cruise line. I'm sure those of you who have been sailing Oceania for as long as we've been sailing Celebrity, some also might feel that since NCL now owns Oceania, O luxuries have been
  12. I am now at the point where I have do not have any confidence, all parties involved in the decision making process will ever come to an agreeable solution!!!!
  13. For me the PRO with the bed by the balcony is, since I suffer from motion sickness, that when lying in bed my body is facing forward....same as if I was driving my car. Many others prefer the bed by the bath with the sofa by the balcony so the can enjoy the water view.
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