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  1. Thank you. The S class spreadsheet has enable me to book the last 15 cruises with complete confidence on the placement of the bed. Hoping I can accomplish the same with the Edge class spread sheets.
  2. But if I can figure this out ahead of time, why would I want to sleep that way???? Especially on the S class ships with the curved mattress at the bottom. LOL to you!!!
  3. Thank you. We have always booked port side on all our S class sailings. The S-Class spread sheet has been invaluable in making the correct room selection. I also noticed that the deck plans for the Edge and the Apex show the indentation for the door which is the method I use when booking on the Oceania Marina and Riviera since Oceania doesn't have that detailed info on their CC Boards.
  4. Thanks for your input but what you mentioned doesn't apply to me. I have been on 40 cruises. High decks, low decks, forward and aft. The only thing that makes a difference for me in getting sea sick or not is the direction my body is facing when lying in bed!!!!!
  5. Finally ready to book for September 2021 but I need some help before we do. I think this might have been asked and answered when the Edge first sailed so I apologize in advance for asking again. I've looked at the Edge spread sheet and am able to find out if the bed is by the bath or balcony for port side AQ cabins. Since I suffer from severe motion sickness, when lying in bed, my body has to be moving forward (like driving my car) with the direction of the ship. Thanks to the S class spreadsheet, we always book port side rooms for 2 with the bed by the balcony and thankfully have never had an issue. For those of you familiar with the Edge, when looking at the Spread sheet for the Edge Class, do I want a port side room with the bed by the bath or balcony to avoid being seas sick for 12 nights? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  6. I am also concerned if the Select Dining option would be be removed. If so, that could would be a deal breaker for us. Early is too early and late is to late. The reservations option for Select has worked perfectly for us since we switched back from AQ. As much as we like Blu we just got tired of having to wait for a table anytime after 6:30.
  7. Get busy living, --- ---- -----!!! I'm in agreement!! This pandemic has me me thinking constantly about that priceless quote from the Shawshank Redemption!!!
  8. ABSOLUTELY!!!! In a few short sentences SHE nailed the OP's ignorance on so many Levels!!!!!!!
  9. Fortunately I'm in a book Club with 11 others and we rely on each other for the best recommendations.
  10. We loved our Marina cruise and that's why we're looking to book the Itinerary on the Riviera I mentioned in my original post. I understand all the negatives of a covered pool and was just surprised that since, there is only one pool on these two ships, there wasn't a retractable roof.
  11. When the weather is great on a sea day, I always sit on our balcony either relaxing or reading a great book. When the weather isn't great, I usually take my great book and sit in a nice lounge chair in a quiet corner area of an indoor pool. IMO, your comment "Who wants to see a bunch of old people with hardly any clothes on anyway? is condescending and offensive.
  12. I agree about the proximity of the lounges and so many other possible issues. That is why after 39 cruises, while we might consider booking a sailing now, we would never consider making final payment and getting on another cruise ship without an approved and tested covid injection. Just looking at our 2 options under consideration for this itinerary. If not Oceania, it will definitely be Celebrity because of our Loyalty status with them.
  13. Thanks my fellow former "Brooklynite". I do have a difficult time understanding why both these ships were constructed without one. As I type this we're supposed to be on the Celebrity Reflection doing the same Itinerary (Greece, Turkey & Israel). When we received the weekly Oceania brochure yesterday and saw this same Riviera itinerary for next July I was very enthused. Not sure it's a game changer yet while we still consider booking Reflection again for next September....that is if there is finally a safe covid injection.
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