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  1. Another vote for OVERLORD!! We used them on our second trip to Normandy and the tour is fantastic. On our first visit, we used the ship's tour and there is absolutely no comparison unless the itinerary has dramatically changed. Ship...see Omaha Beach from the Cemetery. With OVERLORD, we walked the Beach while the Guide detailed the D-Day invasion!! Definitely a lifetime Memory!!!
  2. Sounds like the Main office has now hired lots of college kids!!!
  3. Thanks for this great info. More confirmation that LLP is doing her best to destroy the brand so many of us have been loyal to. For us since 1993.
  4. Glad it worked out!! Summit is a very nice ship but, for your first Celebrity sailing, I think you will be much happier on their newer and larger ships!!! We will be on our 18th S-class sailing in January 2020.
  5. If you typically fly into FLL and cruise out of there on HAL, have you considered one of Celebrity's S class ships out of FLL?
  6. I always book port side on Solstice class because I know if the bed is by the balcony, then my body will be moving forward with the direction of the ship while lying in bed and I will not suffer from any motion sickness. If I booked starboard, would I then have to book with the bed by the bath for the same result? Thanks in advance for your replies!
  7. The last person I would ever want to sail with is LLP. I would be tempted to waste my valuable time seeking her out so I can tell her point by point how she has managed to do her best to destroy the Celebrity brand. While we in no way have the record number of sailings so very many have on these boards, we do have #'s 40 and 41 booked for 2020 and, based on our last four sailings, my expectations are more realistic on what to expect!!!!
  8. Thanks Jim. Senior moments are taking over!!!!!!!!!!!l
  9. I must be missing something. Have the i-lounges on Deck 6 of the Solstice class been eliminated? That's how we always checked-in for our flights and printed Boarding passes. We were on the renovated Summit in August and there was an i-Lounge on Deck 3 for guests to check-in to their flights and print passes.
  10. Most insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions and this might apply for your friend. I agree about contacting the company in the response above and find out what their policy is.
  12. Don't remember the year but it was on the Silhouette sailing out of Messina, Italy at dark as we watched Mt. Etna erupt as we stood on our port side balcony . You could hear the excitement from all the adjacent cabins because we were all in absolute awe!!! Needless to say those who were in the starboard balconies were very disappointed.
  13. We have used the same big, online TA for the last 20 years and would never consider booking with anyone else. Their Group rates and perks. Since we are also loyal customers, we also did not incur the small cancellation fee the two cancels we had to cancel.
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