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  1. We sailed on that final Oasis voyage before the “cruise industry pause”, and recall seeing a Super Mario the evening of the announcement. Mentioned having to leave, and everyone including back2backs etc were disembarking when we arrived in Miami. Weirdest sight of no new guests awaiting to board. Boarder security at disembark really moved people through, more like they didn’t want to talk to anyone. Move along. Be safe everyone.
  2. We board Oasis on Sunday, as you make your way off. Leave a little RUM for me please. Southern Ontario is grey and overcast with rain. Funny how the snow and cold has changed for this coming week. We fly Saturday, and looking forward to some R&R. Enjoy, travel safe, and have a great time. 😎 🥃 🍸🍷
  3. The week the OP notes of show reduction, may have been a change over week for cast and the old cast for said shows going off contracts and new casts arriving with rehearsals and fittings to complete. May impact the number of show runs scheduled. We know this from experience and knowing specific cast members.
  4. We are fans of 150CP as well. QUESTION, did you happen to do the Hibachi ? and did they cover it on Oasis with the UDP or not? Thanks.
  5. Has been an awesome review and following. Making us look forward to our trip in 2 weeks time. Looks like you max’ed out on the UDP and Bev Pkg use. I think the plan for our final night dinner is 150CP as well. A nice place to un-wind on the last night. Hope your MIA departure goes smooth.
  6. My remedy is usually 2 extra strength ibuprofen ( Costco specials) on the way to bed, and a clear head in the morning is the usual outcome.
  7. Trellis is a very busy spot prior to dinner. Vintages sounds like a great location. Can’t speak for Oasis, as we have not been on the new Amp’ed version, but will in a few weeks. As you, We too are Diamond Plus, but the lounge is often too busy or full. Our favourite use to be the champagne bar, but that’s gone.
  8. Battery powered digital clock of some kind. Battery powered mini candle as our cabin night light. OTC meds, for stomach and motion. Corkscrew for the 2 bottles of vino we bring on board. USB charger with extra USB slots for charging. Luggage tag holders, convenience over lamented or packing tape. 2 travel mugs or S’well insulates beverage containers for the morning coffee run, beats waiting for room service. Small bag/light string pack to carry the insulated bottles from coffee/tea run. Towel clips for the deck chairs or to hold the cabin drapes closed for black out depending on cabin location. Store your luggage under the bed. Use the carry on bag for laundry. 2-3 small zip lock bags to keep passports dry if going to the beach or excursion. OH, this. Is the critical tip when going out and off at the islands, remember your passport, camera and credit card when going off the ship. You can take the picture of the ship leaving port, pay for your flight home, and get back into your home country destination. Enjoy your trip.
  9. 2 quick questions, Portside BBQ lunch was covered on embarkation day with your UDP? Concierge in the Diamond Lounge, who is there and did they help with Reservations for the week for supper? Have a great week.
  10. We board Oasis in 3 weeks and will be follow along. Sounds like you have the Ultimate Dining Pkg. We would like to hear if you are able to use it for lunch on embarkation day. Safe travel and we look forward to the posts. Have an amazing cruise.
  11. My wife and I actually enjoy dressing for evening dinner, as it’s our vacation week and time to enjoy ourselves. Mind you we have cruised 25+ times and now dine in specialty dining each nite and typically just the two of us. Formal evenings we do do tux and cocktail dress. When you own the tux, may as well get use from it. As for all the other dining evening, typically we are smartly causal particularly in the Caribbean trips. Just a word to me mindful of, is summer weather warm weather. As to your question, we would suggest dress how you wish and want to enjoy your vacation. On Oasis class, you will see nearly everything to anything. Vacation with your family is about your memories, so enjoy and make the memories of the trip the way you and your family want them to be. Have a great trip and awesome time on Oasis.
  12. Thanks everyone for the input, comments, and details. Yes, my CDN carriers has short term or other extended Roaming pkgs. Was looking to see if there was an easy US SIM card option and service. Thank you.
  13. Thanks, my question should have been, which service carrier is ideal or best to purchase or set up for the PrePaid SIM card? A major carrier or other less known carrier/companies?? Any specific recommendations? This trip is Labadee, Falmouth, Cozumel.
  14. Coming in from Canada for a West Caribbean trip, and looking for a US cell/data SIM card with good coverage at a reasonable pre paid cost. Suggestions ? Thanks in advance. 👍
  15. Absolutely correct, that at the end of each Boardwalk interior balcony rooms hallway, are suite rooms, and what was the “secret BB seating area” to view ocean and/or shows, is gone, and one bedroom suites on higher decks, and aqua suites also on the ends of the BB halllways. Had a tour of the one bed suites when we meet up with a cabin steward we had on Allure, that went over to Harmony. Richard was an amazing cabin steward.
  16. "I may sit through Cats again for her." You are a better man then me. Good on you!
  17. I will have to locate Mario when we are there (on Oasis) in March and have a cigar with a cruise travel icon. Mario, if you are reading, will we see you early March on Oasis? The week of the 8th? Partagas Series D is my go-to cigar favourite. The Count
  18. As Bob notes, and on the odd time, there is pre purchase cruise planner offer at 30% discount, off a reg. price, again, what ever that really is. on Harmony, the full on board cost was $70 US/pax/day + 18% Grat. Good luck.
  19. Question, John, with all the re-fit, any news on where a gent can have a cigar and sip on some fine whisky left on the Oasis ship. Or guess I will have to get off at ports to enjoy. Any the Monday night LSU GEAUX Tigers win was great to see. Thanks in advance.
  20. Cabana questions, Thanks for the answer. We hope to enjoy on port days when we sail Oasis in the near future. Also, thanks for the Patties and Red Stripe photo. This is our usual stop at this port as well. Off ship for something to eat authentic and beer, then back on for drink package use or should I say "USE!" Great reading the trip review. Much appreciated. 😎
  21. John, thanks for answering our questions for embarkation. Have a wonderful trip. Will be following along, with setting our plans for the same route in early March. We cheated out with a boardwalk room, but really don’t spend much time there. Travel safe, be well, enjoy the week. The Count
  22. John, can you let us know the check In experience, and if they have expedited in Miami, with the facial recognition system? We travel with Nexus cards, which speeds things up, but our experience in Port Canaveral in October for Harmony , had the new means of speeding through check in. Thanks and safe , enjoyable travels. The Count
  23. And Giovanni’s like Portofino’s ( which we miss) does have the Osso Buco,, a favourite of mine. Not available at Jamie’s.
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