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  1. We are scheduled on the Reflection next April for a T/A to Amsterdam.  One of the stops is in LeHavre.  We want to go to Paris.  We have heard that there is a commuter train or something like it that takes you directly into Paris.  Does anyone have info about how to get to Paris from Le Havre?  I know that the ship will offer some sort of transfer - but - is there another option?  If so - Any Idea about how much it costs?

  2. We have the Equinox booked for the first part of November.  Final Payment is due in a few weeks. 


    IF they are going to cancel November - they should certainly notify passengers - so they will NOT make final payments.   - Maybe that is the plan - to collect as much money as they can.  That gives them 90 days of interest-free deposits to sustain their cash flow longer...    BUT, As the OP said - that would be more than a tad unethical..

  3. On 4/7/2020 at 8:22 AM, TXranchgal said:

      We cancelled our 3/23 cruise on 3/8.    Airfare- booked thru choice air -  refund showed up today 4/7 on credit card.  We are Still missing the $200 they charged in error as a cancellation fee.  "Susan" - was supposed to fix this and call us yesterday  - but no response yet.    I was told that the refund was sent and would be on the credit card by the end of the week. 


      WELL - It's FRIDAY 4/10 - End of the week...   I called back to Celebrity AGAIN to see why the money charged in error had not been refunded.  I was told AGAIN that it was refunded and would show up on the credit card within 30 days of cancellation.  It has now been 33 days from cancellation and still nothing...…  We will file a dispute this afternoon to attempt to get things rolling.😠




  4. 23 hours ago, Argo. said:

    I just called the Z line again concerning my cash refund promised on March 7th.  I spoke to the same guy who told me two weeks ago what the amount would be and that it would soon be processed.  Today.. "oh yeh, I ticked the wrong category and I'll send it to accounting and you should get it within two to three weeks"

    Still no refund of taxes attached to the FCC which we received 4 days ago.  Why do I get the feeling that cash is being hoarded till the kitty runs dry?  And my TA.. sorry we're too busy to contact Celebrity for you nor even answer any questions unless you want to book a new cruise.....  Disasters seem to bring out the best and worst of people and organizations.  As the license plates in Quebec state: "Je me souviens".... I remember!

    We were told the same thing.  Cancelled on March 8th.  Got the FCC on March 16th.   After 5 calls - and being told 5 different things - I finally talked to "Susan" on April 1st.  She looked up our refund for air and taxes.  She said that it was coded wrong and she would fix it.  She told us that it would come back in several smaller amounts.  FINALLY TODAY - April 5th - I saw a partial refund for the taxes on the credit card.  We are still missing the airfare refund from Celebrity Air and the rest of the taxes from the cruise.  

  5. CocoCay Closure & Tropical Storm Dorian Update
    August 28, 2019 at 01:00 PM EST
    We'll share our next updates at 06:00 PM EST.

    Royal Caribbean's Facebook for Live UpdatesRoyal Caribbean's Twitter for Live UpdatesRoyal Caribbean's Instagram for Live Updates


    We've been closely monitoring Tropical Storm Dorian, as it enters the Caribbean. Based on current projections of the storm’s path, we decided to close CocoCay on Wednesday, August 28th, 2019, and it will reopen on Wednesday, September 4th, 2019. Our CocoCay Team is made up of over 400 Bahamian locals on the island and it’s important that they evacuate to care for their families and secure their homes, as soon as possible. We evaluated all options, and this is the best decision, as there is no room for error when it comes to the safety and security of our guests, crew, and employees. This is our top priority.

    As a result of the CocoCay closure, guests that pre-purchased Royal Caribbean International shore excursions for CocoCay will receive a refund to their onboard expense account in the form of a credit. If guests’ onboard spend does not reach this amount, the remaining balance will be refunded to their credit card on file.

    The following sailings are impacted:




    Navigator 8/26/19 Adjusted Sailing

    8/26 Monday Miami, Florida Miami, Florida
    8/27 Tuesday Nassau, Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas
    8/28 Wednesday CocoCay Nassau, Bahamas
    8/29 Thursday Cruising Cruising
    8/30 Friday Miami, Florida Miami, Florida



    Mariner 8/26/19 Adjusted Sailing

    8/26 Monday Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida
    8/27 Tuesday Cruising Cruising
    8/28 Wednesday Nassau, Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas
    8/29 Thursday CocoCay Nassau, Bahamas
    8/30 Friday Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida



    Empress 8/24/19 Adjusted Sailing

    We’ll sail to Cozumel, Mexico, as planned, but now, we’ll stay there overnight. We’ll depart Cozumel on Friday, August 30th, 2019, at 5 PM and then enjoy a sea day before making our way back to Miami.

    8/24 Saturday Miami, Florida Miami, Florida
    8/25 Sunday Key West, Florida Key West, Florida
    8/26 Monday Cruising Cruising
    8/27 Tuesday Costa Maya, Mexico Costa Maya, Mexico
    8/28 Wednesday Belize City, Belize Belize City, Belize
    8/29 Thursday Cozumel, Mexico Cozumel, Mexico
    8/30 Friday Cruising Cozumel, Mexico
    8/31 Saturday CocoCay At Sea
    9/01 Sunday Miami, Florida Miami, Florida



    Symphony 8/24/19 Adjusted Sailing

    We’ve replaced our visit to CocoCay with Nassau, Bahamas.

    8/24 Saturday Miami, Florida Miami, Florida
    8/25 Sunday Cruising Cruising
    8/26 Monday Cruising Cruising
    8/27 Tuesday San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico
    8/28 Wednesday Labadee, Haiti Labadee, Haiti
    8/29 Thursday Cruising Cruising
    8/30 Friday CocoCay Nassau, Bahamas
    8/31 Saturday Miami, Florida Miami, Florida

    NAVIGATOR 8/30/19, MARINER 8/30/19, HARMONY 9/1/19, HARMONY 8/25/19 & SYMPHONY 8/31/19

    Currently, the two main weather models used for prediction (American & European) have the storm going different ways. So, we’re going to wait a bit more to evaluate the new data, which we’ll receive this afternoon. Then, we’ll confirm alternate ports and share your final itinerary changes with you by 3 PM on Thursday, August 29th, or sooner.


    HARMONY 8/25/19 & SYMPHONY 8/31/19

    While these itineraries were never sailing to CocoCay, these itineraries may be impacted by Tropical Storm Dorian, as we want to steer clear of any adverse weather.

    We are sorry for this last-minute change and thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this unusual and unfortunate circumstance.

  6. 1 hour ago, Happy Cruiser 6143 said:

    Interesting.  What did you hate?  I would never go back to fixed dining.  Have never had to wait more than a few minutes and don't make a reservation.


    When we tried to make reservations on the Infinity last month (Select Dining), we were told that they no longer take reservations.  Also, we have requested a specific table in the past and we were told that they don't do THAT anymore either...  We are Elite and being able to reserve a time and a table made the dining much better, in our opinion.  We will be on the Summit in September.....

  7. Just sailed the Infinity on a trans Atlantic last month.  You might gain info reading the reviews on Cruise Critic.  We love to cruise and go often -  but won't be going on the Infinity.  That decision was based on the quality of the food and the indifference shown by many of the officers and the staff.  

  8. 3 hours ago, MightyMike said:

    Pre-cruise in Puerto Rico


    We stayed two nights at the Best Western Plus Condado Palm hotel in San Juan. The room, service and location were excellent. The price was economical relative to the other hotels in San Juan. 5 stars


    We took the 6:00 pm Bioluminescent Bay tour offered by Kayaking Puerto Rico the night before the cruise. Also excellent. I highly recommend it especially if you have kids. The water in the bay glows blue-green where you paddle. 5 stars




    Embarkation/Disembarkation - 5 stars


    I have never had an easier time boarding a ship. We have no special status and no suite. We weren’t sure when to arrive so we decided to leave the hotel at 10:30 am and see what happened. We waited in a small line outside the terminal until they started taking luggage. The outdoor waiting area is shaded. We were on the ship about 15 to 20 minutes later. I have never boarded so early. It felt like we had the entire ship to ourselves while we explored.


    Disembarkation was equally painless. We were in no hurry to catch our 1:55 pm flight, so we took our time having breakfast in the buffet. We carried our own luggage off the ship. The lines for customs were short and fast. After a quick check of our passports we were waved through. A huge line of taxis was picking up passengers and taking them to the airport. There were more taxis than people looking for rides--a lot more!




    Cabin 6030 (“Sweet Sixteen”) - 5 stars


    The new stateroom design is amazing! Electrical outlets (AC and USB) are everywhere you need them. It had an open feel and plenty of storage space. There were drawers we didn’t even use. The pullman bed worked well for our son. Visually it is appealing. Carpet was soft. Towels were fluffy. Everything worked as designed. I honestly have no suggestions for improvement. Celebrity has perfected a small room design for seasoned cruise travelers like us.


    The balcony was the only place with minor issues. It is still the same 80 square feet as before the revolution. There was a slight cigarette smoke smell coming from somewhere. I never identified the exact source. During previous cruises aboard the Infinity, we were able to get the stateroom attendant to bring down some longer deck chairs, but this time we were told he was not allowed to do 

    Do you have photos?????


    I don't think that's company policy. We just got an email from Royal telling us about our benefits for next week's Liberty cruise. It says we can use the Diamond Lounge plus 3 drink vouchers. No mention of Suite Lounge. Nothing is ever consistent from ship to ship, or cruise to cruise on the same ship for that matter.


    We got the same "benefits" email today. If the diamond lounge is as crowded as we have heard, they may want to open the suite lounge to their best (most loyal) guests... How much have diamond plus guests spent over their history - vs - how much a suite guest spends once??? They will (should) take care of the ones that have taken care of them...

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