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  1. It’s scheduled to be published in the Register on April 15.
  2. We are taking reusable straws. Bed Bath and Beyond carries some great silicon straws that come with a cleaning brush. I don’t mind the body wash but I have Psoriasis and need a gentle shampoo and like the one I use.
  3. They are going to phase out all individual bottle, plastic straws and drink decorations, ie. Umbrellas, per John Heald. I’m not sure about the timeline.
  4. Chicken Tenders is on the room service menu so he will be okay for a little $.
  5. Carnival has placed CBD Oil on their prohibited list. It doesn’t matter what your State says or the USA says. You get caught or if a foreign country boards and finds it and you may be enjoying their hospitality for an unlimited time.
  6. Per Carnival FAQ, CBD OIL or Hemp Oil is prohibited. Just because the State you live in approves its use doesn’t mean you will not be searched and allowed to bring it on. Texas currently prohibit the sale of CBD OIL. BTW, CBD Oil is produced from the hemp plant that is in the same family as marijuana. This hemp plant has very little THC that causes the high that marijuana produces.
  7. This doesn’t bode well for Carnival to have the Dream arriving late it’s first day. They can’t even blame it on fog. Here’s what John Heald posted a little while ago. May 13, 2019 Dear Carnival Dream Guest, Carnival Dream is expected to arrive in Galveston early this afternoon. Please push back your Arrival Appointment by one hour (e.g.,11:30 AM - 12:00 PM appointment will become 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM). Please make plans to arrive for check-in within your newly assigned Arrival Appointment. Guests who arrive earlier will be asked to return at their assigned time. This also applies to our Diamond, Platinum, Faster to the Fun and Suite guests. In preparation for final boarding and departure, all guests must be on board the ship no later than 4:00 PM. We will depart shortly after embarkation is completed and plan to operate our scheduled itinerary. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard for a FUN and memorable cruise vacation. Thank you then for your patience and your understanding and I also wish you an absolutely brilliant time. Cheers
  8. Thanks for posting the fare. We will be a group of 6 next year. This will give me an idea of what to budget.
  9. Carnival received a ISO 14000 certification in 2006.
  10. Mr Sancho offers this and you can book it before you leave to guarantee a place.
  11. Looking at Mr Sancho’s website, AI is the only thing offered now. Could not find anything else.
  12. Check out this article from USA TODAY: Passengers say Carnival Cruise Line banned them after they got stuck in an elevator https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2019/04/05/carnival-cruise-lines-banned-guests-after-they-got-stuck-elevator/3375151002/
  13. I use one of these for my Suits, Sport Coats or Tux. https://www.containerstore.com/s/travel/clothing-accessories-organizers/eagle-creek-pack-it-garment-sleeve/12d?productId=10037087
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