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  1. Thought I would let parents who have young children going to the Thrill WaterPark know that the brochures are incorrect for the height requirements at Splash Summit. These are the ones that include the raft Waterslides (SlingShot, Twister, Splash Speedway racer slides only). All of the brochures (including the detailed one that you get in your stateroom the night before arrival at Cococay) state that the Rider min. height: 48" (OR 40" with life vest). This is not the case. If your child is not 48" tall they will be denied regardless of the life vest. We were told to take off the life vest since life vests are not allowed on any of the water slide rides at Splash Summit. After doing so, we were then told that our youngest was too short to ride by the lifeguard manning the bottom of the stairs. After asking the lifeguard, he said that the brochures are wrong and that they need to be updated. There were several other parents that encountered this as well with crying children after being told they could not ride.
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