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  1. I'm confused as to why you booked guarantee knowing you liked midship interior cabins? Since you have a preference; book what you want. Guarantee cabins are for people who don't care where they end up.
  2. We've been and usually enjoy it. A couple of times we were seated with others who were not such pleasant company, but that didn't keep us from returning to tea at the next offering
  3. The busiest cruises for kids are: spring break, summer, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Also cruises 5 days and less tend to have more kids. Best times to cruise for kids are the times most likely kids will be in school: early September, week after Thanksgiving, and early January. You picked a pretty good week for fewer children, though not the best ship. The layout of Sunshine leads to crowds regardless. It'll still be fun. Enjoy
  4. Have you considered a Carnival Journeys cruise? The longer cruises to more unique ports are not the same as the more standard Carnival cruises.
  5. Yes to the bolded part. You've answered your own question.
  6. Some fruits that are a little harder to come by where I live, such as kiwi.
  7. Lots of armchair perfect parents here... We've left our kids on board several times while we went on an excursion or around town. The clubs were never empty, so other parents must have left too. I see it as no different than leaving a child with a babysitter, or even grandma, at home. Kids don't want to go to a Jamaican art history tour when they could be in camp with friends playing a wii tournament. Summer camps, school trips...believe it or not, even good parents sometimes spend time away from their kids. My parents sent me to Europe one summer as a young teen with a school group, and this was in the days long before internet and cell phones. At the age of 9 they sent me to Canada with my Girl Scout Troop for 4 days. I'm sad for all of you who have apparently never let your children leave your side. The kids are with trusted, and background checked, adults who will look out for them in the off chance that for some reason parents don't return. And if something horrible happens, well that sadly is life. The worst can happen anywhere: home, school, grandmas, and vacation.
  8. Easiest way to avoid this potential problem is to not let your child know there is a pool. There are TONS of other areas to hang out on board. They won't miss what they don't know exists. If they happen to notice as you walk by, say it's for adults and keep walking. I've cruised several times with diapered kids who loved pools, and never had an issue.
  9. Carnival is known as the Wal Mart of the Seas for a reason. Sinking ships, people dying on excursions, grandparents throwing babies overboard...are all rare and unfortunate events on other lines. Trashy customers and people who get kicks out of laughing at other's misfortunes tend to be prevalent on Carnival. I stand by my original statement: things such as the original post in this thread, are what keeps many customers away from Carnival. Trashy and classless.
  10. Threads like this are what gives Carnival a bad name.
  11. We have kids, but try to cruise when there are few on board because we don't like "party" atmosphere. With kids, comes teens and college students that create a vibe that isn't too our liking. The best times we've found (for cruises out of the USA) are right after the standard school year starts (week after labor Day), first week of December and January, near the end of April (state testing), and early May (graduations and parties). As has been mentioned, longer cruises, educational cruising(Alaska, Panama) rather than beaches, and higher end lines also equal little to no 18 and under crowd.
  12. I was told Allianz was a good company to go with for insurance?
  13. I have done this once. The planning portion was surprisingly simple(didn't use a TA, just booked all the cabins online, everyone was responsible for their own transportation to the departure city.) What was a stressful mess was coordinating activities on the ship. So much so that a few of us weren't speaking by the end 😞 Now when we cruise, I will offer to set up cabins and such but once onboard I tell everyone my cabin #, excursion plans, and say where they may find me, and that is it. Don't even do a group dinner table. If they wish to come along, fine. But my days of keeping track of everyone and waiting on all the late and confused folks are over.
  14. Not sure how Play Mia is too much. You can pick and choose what to do. If you want to be on the beach-Playa Mia offers that. Yes, they also have bars, restaurants, buffet, water toys, pool, small water park...but you don't have to do those things.
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