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  1. Windstar or Star Clippers tend to have a good does of middle agers. They are too active for many elderly and Windstar doesn't allow kids under 12, while Star Clippers has no children's programming. .
  2. Paper + glue sticks = crafts for kids. I'm bummed. The idea sounded exciting, but based on this thread, it sounds like it's just a bunch of kiddy stuff. Not sure why they can't leave all that in the camp and have some more mature projects.
  3. LOVE this review, it's one of my favorites ever. I've been doing keto friendly meals off/ on for about 6 months and have a cruise coming in January, all your details were really helpful. Thanks
  4. I'm confused as to why you booked guarantee knowing you liked midship interior cabins? Since you have a preference; book what you want. Guarantee cabins are for people who don't care where they end up.
  5. We've been and usually enjoy it. A couple of times we were seated with others who were not such pleasant company, but that didn't keep us from returning to tea at the next offering
  6. The busiest cruises for kids are: spring break, summer, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Also cruises 5 days and less tend to have more kids. Best times to cruise for kids are the times most likely kids will be in school: early September, week after Thanksgiving, and early January. You picked a pretty good week for fewer children, though not the best ship. The layout of Sunshine leads to crowds regardless. It'll still be fun. Enjoy
  7. Have you considered a Carnival Journeys cruise? The longer cruises to more unique ports are not the same as the more standard Carnival cruises.
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