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  1. No, they're not. I actually use the flavorings now to get through the half gallon of water I'm drinking every day.... but I do like the taste of alcohol and the habit of lifting the drink to your face seems hard to break 🙂 The NA beer is actually quite satisfying (and low calorie!).. and I have found a distilled non-alcoholic spirit made in the UK that makes a great mock gin and tonic - but it's so hard to find on land, I know there's no way that would be on board 🙂
  2. The latest post I could find on this topic was from 2016 - so just wondering if anyone has had recent experience on the brand(s) available. I was hoping for something other than O'Doul's. Becks makes a great one - but hard to find. I'm about to do my first cruise where I don't buy a drinks package and try to stick to a weight management program I've been doing rather successfully and alcohol and weight loss don't mix for me. 🙂 Club soda with lime gets very boring. 🙂
  3. My friends who were there in July said they are now beachfront and over where the jetskis have always been.
  4. If you go on a heavy port day it will be crazy from the airport or from downtown. Having lived in Miami for many years, I am personally picking Budget downtown. If the shuttle looks like it will be a hassle, there are hundreds of Uber's in the area and you are 5 minutes from the port. To reliably get a cab or Uber from the airport, you really need to take the people mover back to the airport from the car rental center, and then it is a long walk to the curbside pick up areas. I personally would not trust a lot of Uber drivers in Miami to know how to get to the car rental center or where to pick you up. I think the Budget location looks crazy because it is such a small office compared to the Avis and Hertz - so everyone is outside.
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