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  1. Question: Regent has an Oct 2020 cruise starting in Istanbul, ending in Venice. If Regent cancels Istanbul due to security concerns, what is done since it is where we would board the ship for the start of our cruise? And Istanbul would be the ONLY port we are actually interested in going to? (looking to arrive a few days early and explore, etc.) Thoughts? Would they refund our $$$ if they decide to say start the cruise in Athens and skip Istanbul all together?
  2. thanks for the advice everyone. Sorry to bring up a touchy subject!
  3. No offense taken, I appreciate the advice. Thank you! Any idea how to delete my post? LOL
  4. Not sure if to post here, but on Regent, since gratuities are included, do guests still tip your butler and housekeepers? (for great service, etc.)? Is this routine or not done at all?
  5. Hello! Here's a possibly silly question, but for first time RSSC cruiser on Mariner out of Alaska, when you are sent your nice packet in the mail with your ticket & luggage tags (the ones that are stickers which state which deck you are on, i.e. 10)... what do you do when you upgrade your suite and are on a different deck, i.e. 8 but too close to cruise time for them to send you new "luggage tags/stickers"? Do you just go to the port to check-in and ask the porters for new ones?? How would you check-in without these? We've only taken one other cruise on Royal and they send you the tags via email and you have to print and staple on the luggage, etc, etc. Any advice is appreciated!
  6. Thanks dkjretired! That makes sense. In Miami, 3 miles offshore and they are open (or so I've been told). Was just curious because inside passage, etc, but somehow I figure they'll open it because its a money maker for the cruise line. :)
  7. Thanks @kamloops50 - I've read Yes and NO because on the inside passage, it's still Alaskan waters supposedly. I know on most cruises, at least in FL, you have to be 3 miles off-shore, so good to know 10 miles is the case in Alaska. :)
  8. Posting a question on this topic. We are sailing R/T Vancouver on an inside passage cruise. Will the casino be open when not in port or not? too much conflicting info oline! Thanks for any info. Sailing RSSC Mariner, they do have small casino as far as I am aware.
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