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  1. I seem to remember reading something about CP balconies on deck 14 Allure of noise from the pool pumps, can anyone verify this and if so would you recommend not booking deck 14? Thank You
  2. Has anyone done the dolphin encounter with 7 mile beach excursion, does it include roundtrip transportation? Thank You in advance
  3. Has anyone done the dolphin encounter with 7 mile beach? If so does it include roundtrip transportation? Has anyone done the Calico Jack's beach excursion, if so, how was it? Thank you in advance
  4. Everyone is correct this is a transfer issue not Choice Air. What I can't figure out is how you booked transfers without giving the air info to them? Didn't they ask for the air schedule? In the old days if the cruise line made your air arrangements then yes you automatically had transfers and they knew when you arrived but today its not like that.
  5. Irishgal432 That mess on the suite deck, I would have called the genie or gone to guest services. That is crazy. Oasis is my favorite ship
  6. Georgia Peaches Thank You for your response. Glad to hear you had a good time
  7. Georgia Peaches Did you happen to notice the earliest flite from MIA for luggage valet? Have enjoyed your review. Heading to the Equinox December 1st. Also have you seen Milton aka Santa Claus on board? Thank you
  8. We were on the western run February 4th and second was at 8
  9. Just a question...where is smoking allowed on the Adventure? Thank You
  10. I forgot to mention we were on the Oasis the first week of October and it was like night and day from this last one. That's why I tend to believe the statement that the best crew are moved to the new ships. Just a thought
  11. My sister and I were on the Feb 4th sailing and I have to agree. I think there was a lot of new crew onboard who had no clue what they were doing. I have been on the Oasis 11 times and I have never encountered such off things ie Solarium for lunch no lettuce on the salad bar I spoke to someone that the bowl was empty off he goes and comes back with no lettuce started refilling the bread baskets. The Windjammer food was just bad. We did room service for breakfast and if you are going to charge me bring food that is decent. The bacon wasn't cooked and the hard cooked eggs were just bad. JR breakfast was wonderful. Went to Giovanni's twice first night steak was perfect the second night the waiter insisted on butterflying the steak and it was awful. My thought is if you have a drink package knock off the upcharges or do away with the packages. Just my thoughts.
  12. Oh I already did mixed reviews and you can't ask questions But thank you for the idea
  13. Has anyone stayed at Pier 66 since the Hyatt doesn't own it anymore? How was it and is the Pelican bar still open down from the hotel on the pier? Thank You
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