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  1. JennJohnNYC Thank you for the info appreciate it
  2. Is luggage valet still available on the Equinox? Thank You
  3. Just a quick question...is the area behind Boleros the only smoking area? Any smoking area with a bar Thank You in advance
  4. Hmm Bob not sure on that. It was still there when the CK/suite lounge opened but I'll take your word for it:)
  5. Pinnacles used to have their own lounge and RCI decided in their infinite wisdom to make it a cabin. I think they need to have their own lounge again. Suites pay a lot of money and CK/suite lounge is a perk. Just my humble opinion:)
  6. Cruising Husker Do you remember which cabin it was with the picture of I'm guessing your daughter in it? Thank You
  7. Thank you everyone for your help and thank you for the pictures It has helped alot
  8. Has anyone sailed in the 2 bdr grand suites on Allure or Oasis? Is the 2nd bdr an actual bdr not just bunk beds in a "closet"? Thank you in advance and if anyone has pics I would appreciate it
  9. I seem to remember reading something about CP balconies on deck 14 Allure of noise from the pool pumps, can anyone verify this and if so would you recommend not booking deck 14? Thank You
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