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  1. I found by past experience that "processing" does not necessarily mean your bid has been accepted.
  2. Today there was a large price drop on my Cruise, an H2 is now just a couple of hundred more than i paid for an H4. The offer to bid on the H2 starts at $750. I emailed our travel agency to try and upgrade (Cruise is2 weeks away)and was told that the cruise is entirely sold out, but a mock booking shows cabins left in all haven categories. Would you go to NCL directly with the request, can I bypass my travel agent like that?
  3. My daughter cruised out of here last summer and said that there is parking on the pier, very close just a short walk and you are in the terminal, is this no longer the case. She also said there were police directing traffic and pointing you in the right direction for parking. We are headed down in 10 days, I hope that it hasn't changed.
  4. I have a question related this, we have the three dinner promo for two of us, so six dinners, there will be 3 of us sailing, can i buy the6 dinner package and have it distributed so each of us will have 4 dinner credits?
  5. I tweeted them my concern with the added upcharge and they wanted to talk to me in a direct message and not answer my tweet publicly. I haven't gotten back to them and I'm not sure I will, since I'd like this discussed out in the open. I'm just very disappointed that they continue to add these small upcharges. I love NCL, I love that they sail out of the northeast and I don't want to switch, but I just think they'd be better off raising the price of the cruise by $5 if they are so desperate for money for their stockholders.
  6. I was just about to buy extra meals through the dining plan but have put that on hold, I might as well eat in the main dining room I AM really feeling nickeled and dimed to death by NCL and its really not even the money, its just the way they go about it. I booked a last minute cruise with them because I wanted to sail out of Boston, but I will definitely be considering other lines, I feel like I've accepted all the upcharges I want to from them.
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