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  1. Day pass $2 with medicare card $5 without
  2. Where are they located? What is cost? Do they provide soap?
  3. A fellow Brit The Bard summed up HEALD "It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." BRILLIANT Cheers Mate
  4. When the chief Kool Ade drinker starts complaining you know things are bad BRILLIANT
  5. I have 16 cruises booked NONE on Carnival, 5 years ago 10 to 12 would have been on Carnival
  6. I see they cut the fare from 35 when they opened the port, that was twice the local rate
  7. I lived in Puerto Plata for 5 years in Cofresi there is a beach between Lifestyles & Ocean World chairs were 200 to 300 pesos there was a restaurant with bathrooms there
  8. What are the current deposits for booking on board?
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