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  1. My husband and I have been on the Royal twice both times Baja 737. Once was a 7 night Alaska cruise and the other a 12 night Med cruise. First of all, the balcony is HUGE. Secondly, we did not find the soot a big deal on either trip. Just wipe it down if you need to. I would stay in that cabin again in a heartbeat. The balcony is so large, we had a cocktail party out there one night and one person said "this isn't a balcony, it's a dancefloor"! LOL
  2. Just got my bill that included a call to NZ and it was $30 USD because I had to be on hold so long. I’m just trying to avoid a needless expense. Good to know about the holidays. Thank you.
  3. Ugh...Just did a search of my e-mails with that email address and I've already sent them two. I just sent it again. Maybe third time's the charm! Thanks again.
  4. Definitely worth a try!!! Thanks so much again. You people really go above and beyond! One of the many reasons I love (most) cruisers! :-)
  5. Thanks again for doing this. It is so kind of you. I'm thinking these e-mail addresses are not really monitored by employees. This is the email from the embassy that I used last night and once before to no response: info@tga.gov.au
  6. Thanks again for doing this. It is so kind of you. I'm thinking these e-mail addresses are not really monitored by employees.
  7. PS the embassy referred me right back to the websites or to call Australia during business hours.
  8. That would be amazing! There was no response again yesterday from 3 new emails I sent. Thank you so much!!! Tricia
  9. Guess I'll bite the bullet and make what will probably be a very expensive phone call to Australia . Thanks for the responses though. I still hope someone on CC has had this situation and will respond at some point.
  10. The second one I sent 3 e-mails and just sent one to the dept of Agriculture. Thanks for sending though :-)
  11. Yes and have received no responses. I even e-mailed the Australian tourist bureau and got no response. :-(
  12. Yes that is one of the websites. Here is what that says under personal medical use... The following items require permission from the Office of Drug Control when travelling to Australia: Injections that contain material of human or animal origin (e.g. Hizentra®, Clexane®).
  13. I have sent numerous emails to them and others and have got no response which is why I'm asking CC. There is also no toll-free number to call but I will apparently have to bite the bullet and try calling late at night when someone might answer.
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