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  1. Thanks for posting your comments. Sometimes, it's not about "breaking even" but being able to try new drinks without being concerned about the cost. (as you mentioned)
  2. Welcome home. Hope your medical appointments go well. I'm pleased to read that you will cruise again. Looking forward to reading more about this trip.
  3. Thanks for the info. Love watching the webcams.
  4. Thanks for the tour of the Rotterdam V. Those frites with Dutch mayonnaise look delicious.
  5. Thanks for posting your comments. Glad you enjoyed the cruise.
  6. Wow Klapka, that was quite an adventure. Certainly not the cruise you had signed up for. Thank you for telling us about it. Hope your next cruise is better.
  7. We were at Keukenhof in May a few years ago. It is wonderful, however, May is too late for most of the tulip fields. There are still LOTS of wonderful flowers and gardens to see, but probably not the acres of tulips that you see in some advertising pictures. Sorry, I can't help with transportation issues, we took the bus from the airport to the gardens, not sure about transportation from the port. Hope you enjoy your visit, we did. I'd love to go back.
  8. Thanks for the reminder, hope to be watching.
  9. Love your comments and pictures. Looking forward to more. Thanks.
  10. Looking forward to reading all about your cruise. Glad you enjoyed it!
  11. Love the towel animals around the pool. Great job by the staff. Thanks for the pictures.
  12. I'm enjoying seeing your comments and pictures whenever you get to it. Thank you so much.
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