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  1. I've done the rainbow reef snorkel on two occasions, and enjoyed both times. Lots of different coral and fish, occasional see turtle. The reef gets a lot of visits, so recommend the earliest time slot if possible.
  2. We were there last month and brought own mask & fins. Snorkel area is limited to keep snorkelers out of boating areas, I was hoping you could snorkel all over the island but no such luck. There is a shipwreck with some cannons, I was told the airplane is no longer accessible in the snorkel area from the beach. The snorkel shack has you sign a waiver and take a vest (no cost for the vest), and there is a safety/instructional video playing a loop on the side of that snorkel shack. As others have said you don't have to inflate the vest if you want to dive down. Lots of fish, not much coral or reef, some folks saw a sea turtle and rays. Later in the day I saw some folks snorkeling without a vest and never saw anyone stop them.
  3. We did the Tulum excursion thru RCL from Cozumel and enjoyed the ruins very much, but we are both into Mayan history. The ferry ride was very much a vomit comet in the morning, and many were miserable, but the trip back was not so rough. We had enough time on site to tour with guide and explore a little on our own, and even stopped for a swim at the beach below the ruins, before going back. If you are into this sort of thing, I would recommend the trip to Tulum. I recommend using RCL's excursion due to the distance.
  4. Where are they kept and how are they distributed on those ships that don't keep them in the cabin? I guess they go over all that at muster.
  5. I have ordered buckets of beers several times and have never had to have them opened. If you ask for a single beer unopened to enjoy on your balcony I can see no reason they would not do that, and the bucket of beers is buy 5 get one free, so its not like it is some huge discount off the regular price. Some of the buckets come with a bottle opener on the side.
  6. Does anyone know if the classic soda and voom package includes surf & stream or is it just surf? It is priced similarly to the surf & stream plus soda, but on a recent grandeur cruise it was awful, and the package includes just surf, I would be better off buying the 2 parts separately than in this package.
  7. We have sailed on both ships and enjoyed both. Room size, numerous less costly of balcony cabins are positives for Pride, but service seems a touch better on Grandeur. Food is different on each but we enjoyed both. For us the Main Dining Room is a tossup, but If you eat at the buffet I think you may enjoy the Grandeur a little more, but I love the burgers and tacos on the Pride. Most importantly to us, the itineraries seem more varied and go a little further regularly on the Grandeur, and that is the main reason we sail on her more than the Pride
  8. Yes, we just got off 5 day to Bermuda on Grandeur, and we had Lobster tails on Day 4, and I too was surprised to get Lobster tail on a casual dining night.
  9. Sorry, I dont mean to keep beating a dead horse, but am I correct in assuming when you say "use it" within one year - means that the sail date on the new cruise has to be within 1 year, and that the expiration date does not refer to the mere act of applying that fcc toward a cruise (perhaps to cruise setting sail 2 years from the canceled cruise for example).
  10. Still confused about this part of the policy: "when reserved within 1 year of issue date" - does that mean the reservation has to be made within one year, or the reservation has to be made for a cruise sailing within one year? Thanks in advance!
  11. I guess that is subjective, because for me the opposite is true. I like port intensive itineraries.
  12. Seems to be happening every weekend now. Very frustrating and disappointing.
  13. Yes, this is getting old, the unreliability is quite a shame.
  14. That is a pretty serious allegation you are making in resurrecting this 9 month old thread for your first post. Do you have any proof that RCL (or any of the large cruise lines) is knowingly double and triple selling a cruise which they are in reality planning to charter, or is that just pulled out of thin air?
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