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  1. In the middle of the night when people were sleeping it worked fine. In the afternoon when people got back from shore excursions and before dinner it was useless
  2. The cruise line is providing buses from the Nice airport to the new departure port but only for people flying into Nice that day. Everyone else has to get themselves to Monte Carlo then backtrack on a bus to Marseille. I along with many other people are not happy about that.
  3. Will be in Palma Majorca Nov 22 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Considering taking the Soller Train. Where is the train station located in relation to the cruise bus drop point at the Cathedral? Is it worth taking the tram to the harbor from Soller? Is there anything specific to see in Soller and how much time to spend there?
  4. Does anyone know in the gym if the Marina has exercise tubes or band available.? Thanks
  5. was also wondering what times they usually will have the fitness classes and how long do most classes last. Specifically interested in yoga and Spin classes on the Marina.
  6. I have a cruise on Marina coming up on Nov 11 and last week received a brochure about the new spa. It did not list dates for the changeover.
  7. Any suggestions for Gelato in Florence.
  8. Have my first O cruise coming up on Nov 11, after only having cruised with Celebrity previously, once to Alaska and once to Europe. Will be interesting to compare. On a per Diem basis the Oceania cruise is not that much more than I paid for the Alaska cruise on Celebrity last year, especially if I take into account the 3 excursion I get with O life, free internet, and free non-alcoholic beverages..
  9. Will be spending the night in Nice before boarding a cruise that starts in Monte Carlo and thinking of bringing a couple bottles of wine on board. Does anyone know of any good wine shop sin Nice?
  10. I got to this schedule but it does not let me plug in a date so I don't know if this schedule also applies to November.
  11. Does anyone know a website that shows all the different company ferries that would go from Sorrento? So far I have only been able to access the schedule for Caremar and the only option back is a ferry at 1:30 PM, which only gives me about 3.5 hours in Capri. This would be for Nov 14, 2019.
  12. Our cruise ship is in Mallorca on a Friday, so should not be a problem. Has anyone also taken the tram to the Harbor from Soller?
  13. If I want can I book the beverage package for just the last few days of the cruise? Is the departure day counted as one of the days and do both people in the cabin have to book the package?
  14. Do both people in the cabin need to purchase the beverage package if purchased onboard?
  15. I had read somewhere that Concierge cabins could order hot breakfasts for room service, but I do not see it listed anywhere on their website. Wondering if anyone has recently cruises in a Concierge cabin and was there a special breakfast menu?
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