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  1. We go 1-2 times a year to Moody Gardens as we live in Houston. My 5 year old daughter loves it. The aquarium pyramid is amazing, even more so after the remodel they finished last year. There is lots to do there, even more so if your here during the Christmas season. I would highly recommend it.
  2. Anyone headed to Galveston for a cruise this weekend, like us, might want to give themselves extra time or look for alternative routs this weekend (June 7th-10th 2019). There will be a total closure of Interstate 45 south at FM-646 for construction. All traffic will be diverted to the 2 lane feeder which will take you you threw a stop light (possible 2 stop lights) before being able to return to the main lanes. The only nearby alternative routes (depending on where you are coming from) will be state highway 3 (lots of stop lights), state highway 146 (which is also under construction, & state highway 6. Best of luck to all getting there. https://traffic.houstontranstar.org/construction/construction_report.aspx?TimeSpan=weekend&TimeSpan=weekend
  3. Was this a guided tour or something you do at your leisure? Have this one booked in June on Liberty of the Seas a long with a snorkel trip in the afternoon and was worried we might have a hard time getting both done.
  4. soundman10f

    Passion Island

    Not sure why Royal does not do Passion Island trips anymore, never could get a answer when I asked. You have to take a taxi to Punta Langosta as that is where the excursion starts. You meet your tour guide there. The might have put us in another taxi because we were the only ones doing that excursion that day. They did have another group who did the Jeep trip to Passion Island that day that got to the lagoon shortly after us. We love Passion Island but it is getting annoying trying to get there from Royal ships.
  5. soundman10f

    Passion Island

    Royal does not go there anymore but you can use Shore Excursion Group website to get there. They have a jet boat one, a jeep trip there, and a regular one that we have done once, and will be doing again in June. The regular one we went on was just 3 of us and they put us in a small taxi that drove us out to the boat to cross the lagoon. It was a interesting drive in the small taxi and the bumpy dirt road. The one we are doing in June has 5 of us so I am expecting a bigger vehicle this time. Do know you will need a taxi to get to the Punta Langosta Cruise Pier as Royal docks at the International Pier. You will also need one back, but the taxi that was taking us back to the Punta Langosta Cruise Pier drove us all the way back to Royals dock for a few extra dollars.
  6. As someone who lives here, I would recommend staying in the Webster area (close to Space Center Houston) as opposed to staying near Hobby airport. More to do in Webster area, better neighborhood, & more restaurants. As some one else stated the Kemah boardwalk is not far from the Space center and has lots to do and large number of restaurants around it. Also Baybrook mall is close by with lots of restaurants and shopping if you need any last minute items you might have forgot. If you do stay near there a great breakfast place close by is the Seabrook Waffle Company they are amazing. I know its a chain restaurant but the BJ's brew house on bayarea blvd is amazing, Nobi Public House is a great Asian fusion restaurant with an amazing beer selction. Hope this helps.
  7. My wife and I have been to both Passion Island (3 times including June 2018) & Playa Mia (1 time). We love Passion Island, pretty beach, not a lot of development on the island (more of a raw natural beach), great staff, great way to relax. Food and drinks are good not great, there is lots to do if you want to, and it has lots of room and has never been over crowded when we went. Playa Mia is a tourist trap to me. It was over crowded when we went. Lots to do like a water park, snorkeling, and shops, but its concrete walk ways and buildings all the way to the beach which felt small to me. Food and drinks where about the same just good not great. GOPR1019.MP4
  8. Was on Liberty for June 3rd cruise. Day 1 was Welcome aboard show at 7:15pm, & Encore! An Ice Spectacular at 8:30pm & 10:30pm. Day 2 was Saturday Night Fever at 6:00pm & 8:45pm. Day 3 was a A Capella group called Mo5aic at 8:15pm & 10:00pm (this group is not always on the ship as the normal preform in Las Vegas). Day 4 was Encore! An Ice Spectacular at 6:30pm & 8:30pm, and Jazz Cabaret show at 7:15pm, and Love & Marriage game show at 9:45pm. Day 5 was "Two Funny Guys" Mario & Daniel at 6:45pm & 8:45pm (another Las Vegas group, comedians). Day 6 was a new show the cast did for the first time called "In The Air" 6:45pm & 8:45pm, and The Quest Game show at 10:30pm. Day 7 was Farewell show at 6:45pm & 8:30pm, and Late Night Comedy Show (18+ years old) at 10:15pm.
  9. Liberty of the Seas Platinum Member's onboard offers from June 3rd sailing.
  10. My wife and I have been to Isla Passion twice before (years ago) and we are going back again next week. Have not done the boat ride there. The beach is amazing, perfect blue water that you see to the bottom even when chest deep and beautiful white sand. Lots of fish too. Had an older couple we meet the first time we went show us if you take some bread or chips out in the water big angle type fish will come eat it out of your hand. Food and drinks were great the times we went. This is one of the beaches that Corona beer use to film their commercials at. For us it is always our first choice for Cozumel. We cruise on RCI and we used the ship excursion to go then. Now you can't get there through ship excursions on RCI so I booked through a friend who is a travel agent. The one other beach we went to was Playa Mia. It was over crowded and felt like a tourist trap, Isla Passion is not that. Lots of room and not over crowded, not much development. Just perfect beach.
  11. It's been about 5 years since we went on a cruise (only out of Galveston), and I am trying to figure out what time to show up at the pier to board the Liberty of the Seas for our cruise in June. The edoc says 10:30am is when boarding begins and we would like to get on as soon as possible but my wife can't stand in lines very long, especial in the heat. Should we wait to board later when the crowds die down or can we show up 30 minutes early and get on the ship pretty quick. In the past we always showed up around 1 pm and had less then 30 minute waits. Anyone been on Liberty recently? If we show up early will there be a place to sit and is it in the a/c? Are we better off just waiting to board later? Thanks in advance.
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