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  1. Your pictures have such a positive energy. You all shine and share it with us. Thank you!
  2. We were booked on the South America Passage on the 19th of March 2021 and received an E-Mail this week with an alternative booking mid of February. We passed as it is not possible for us to get holidays in February. So yes your cruise A is cancelled.
  3. In the following video you can see a walkthrough of the new Amera, the former Prinsendam. It is in German but I thought that maybe the tour itself could be interesting. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=r3pd6eG1SqI
  4. Sorry I am not a native speaker. Yes the balcony roof is a bit more covered.
  5. I stayed in 046 once and there was no noise from above at all. We prefer 048 or 063 because of the missing overhang from the Lido but 044 is just as fine. You will hear the „bell“ of the elevator. That’s all. Locationwise the BC‘s are our favorites on the Maasdam.
  6. We are on the Prinsendam TA and during a beautiful sunny seaday and hoping for more of those to come we saw a man in casual clothes and shoes lying at the gym in front of a treadmill this afternoon surrounded by medical staff. When we went to the aft pool 20 minutes later he was still in the same spot. The captain gave an announcement at 7pm that we we will head north to Bermuda as a passenger is not feeling well and needs medical treatment. Stop at Funchal should not be effected. All the best for him!
  7. Thanks to both of you. I just ordered a season of a TV show. We usually don't take time to watch such shows but during a TA it could be nice to try it. @kazu: what a pitty that we don't see us as we leave already in Lisbon.
  8. We are looking forward to our TA on the Prinsendam next week. Does the Prinsendam still have the DVD library at guest relations or already the new on demand TVs in the Signature Suites? Thank you!
  9. Thank you so much. I took the same cruise and it was nice to remember it with your posts and beautiful pictures! Much appreciated.
  10. Thank you. I was informed that we would loose our OBC and other promos on top to the much higher price. We have passed this time and will check with HAL in two weeks again.
  11. We think about a Neptune Suite for our TA from FLL to Lisbon but the only ones available to upgrade to with the veranda facing the south (which we prefer) are on the Sports Deck. Should I expect cleaning noise from above every morning? I was once on the Eurodam under the retreat and noise at 5am was an issue for us. But I suppose there are no sunbeds/chairs to move around on the sports deck, right? Did anyone experience noise from the Crows Nest in stateroom 001? It is right beside the crows nest and I am an early sleeper. Think Prinsendam still has the live bands there in the evening, right? Thx in advance, Timo
  12. Thanks to all of you for the profound input. Very helpful. We made our pinnacle reservations for every second day and will give the main dining room a chance on this small ship. Looking forward to cruise with her.
  13. First (and last) time on Prinsendam for us in March19. Usually we have dinner in the Pinnacle during our cruises but avoid the booking in advance option because of bothersome mariner discount problems. Never a problem to book on board on the first day. Will this be different on the Prinsendam due to the smaller ship and more mariners on board? Can anyone take a guess based on experience?
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