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  1. Lisa..Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and pics from around the world. I guess all good things must come to an end:( But you have another O cruise in 2020! Great pics of the crew members. Francie
  2. We liked David Peterson and had Ray Solaire and his great puppets a number of years ago. Cbb.. enjoying your (and Dr Dave's) travel blog on current cruise:)
  3. Bob...Thanks for the great review. You did, indeed, have the cruise of a lifetime:) I really enjoyed traveling around the world with you. Hope you are feeling very well now. Francie
  4. I just watched Insignia set sail from Miami. Can understand why you don't want to go home:)
  5. ATW 2019 cruisers...did anyone you know of have any mail delivered to the ship around the world? I assume people took ample meds with them along on the voyage, but did you hear of anyone who had meds delivered to the ship? Thanks for the info. Hope you all transition well back into your everyday lives. Like, what's for dinner and who's cooking?
  6. Bob and Betsy...Thanks for the great wedding pics. Bob, thanks so much for taking us along on your wonderful and very eventful journey! I hope we meet on the high seas someday. Happy life ahead for you two! Lisa..Go Bucks.. Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful pics and commentary on this amazing cruise. I will miss all of you and hope we meet in person someday! Have a great time with your granddaughter. Francie
  7. Warmest congratulations to Betsy and Bob!! Fair winds and following seas. Thanks Go Bucks for posting the lovely pics. Francie
  8. What a wonderful wedding on board the Insignia where the romance began!! It will be special to have your cruise mates with you for the celebration. Congratulations to you both. Francie
  9. Bob.....Great to see you're back on duty with the pilot boats. We're all so happy that you and Betsy can finish your wonderful and life changing cruise!
  10. Does anyone know whothe Cruise Director will be when Regatta comes out of dry dock and starts Sept 24 for Miami? Thanks!
  11. Good to hear that you are safely home and on the mend. Rehab will have you as good as new:)
  12. Bob...Great to see you back on CC! Will you and Betsy be re boarding the ship? Hope you are recovering nicely:) Thanks for the many interesting pics you posted along the cruise. It was very reassuring to see that the pilot was aboard and the trains were running mostly on time around the world!! Go Bucks..Thanks so much for the many posts and pics you posted during this amazing voyage! Francie
  13. Bob...What a great relief that you're back on the job:)
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