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  1. I think Saturday evening is O website maintenance time. Sometimes you can't log in when they are updating stuff.
  2. Thanks for the update. We'll be waiting 30-45 days for more definite info!
  3. Thanks for the info. Any discussion of changes to itinerary for ATW 2022? We're all really curious to see where we're going! Francie
  4. Lyn, yes it was on US Tv among other funny Holiday Inn Express commercials. You gave me a real chuckle! Francie
  5. Looks quite elegant with a bit of glitz! I agree with Orv on the wait and see. Deck plans please. The ambiance might keep folks from wearing jeans in the Grand dining room🤣 Francie
  6. John.. thanks for your comments about rough weather. We have done a number of cruises on O and the roughest weather we had was in the Med out of Tunisia. The seas are very unpredictable which makes the whole cruising thing so much fun!! Francie
  7. JK300..did you get much ship motion in rough weather?
  8. The person was on the ship. Just had a different visual than mine.
  9. LHT28.. a verbal description. That's why I was pleased to get the photo from JK300.
  10. Flatbush flyer and JK300..thanks for your great info!! A picture is, as always, worth a thousand words. 7018 looks very good to us!
  11. We are booked in room 7018 on Insignia for the ATW 2022. It has come to my attention that the balcony on 7020, next door, has a solid piece across the balcony with railing on top. Apparently you can't just sit and watch the ocean go by. This arrangement isn't good for us as we spend lots of time on our balcony. We usually travel in the A category and have never run in to this before. Any info would be appreciated!! Thanks. Francie
  12. BenMurphy... Thanks so much for posting "Sea Fever", one of my favorite poems. It very accurately describes my feelings about being on a ship!! Francie
  13. Host Jazzbeau.. sorry to hear you had a bad reaction to Shringrix #2. We both had the Moderna and had a little tiredness, but mainly sore arms. It will really be worth all of this if we don't get either the COVID or Shingles!! Francie
  14. Folks...just get the 2 shot shingles vax and you won't have to worry about painful shingles. The arm pain at injection site is similar to COVID vax but no other side effects.
  15. I'd prefer that all be vaccinated! Francie
  16. Daniel A... Thanks for bringing a bit of levity into these grim posts!!
  17. Orv..totally agree with you. Using cell phone to verify health info will really bog down the check in system. There continue to be many people not doing all their stuff on phones!
  18. We got ours at Deschutes County Fairgrounds. Very smooth operation run by local hospital system and county health dept. I'm sure we have to notify our Doc on our own. Got the CDC card with info about both shots on it. Easily copied by anyone with nefarious intentions!
  19. Your romantic story gave us so much pleasure! Wonderful things happen at sea. Francie
  20. Clo.. Jan has been the voice of reason and inside info for a long time on CC. We all respect her very much and look forward to her info from FDR! Remember, Live Aloha! Francie
  21. Thanks for info Jan. Was there any discussion about ATW 2022? I'm curious about what they plan to do about ports such as Myanmar. Also wonder if they'll move final payment from early July to closer to cruise. Thanks!
  22. Come on Susiesan...Live Aloha!!
  23. I did not get this in an email! Thanks for posting it Jan...
  24. So sorry to hear about Jim's passing. Condolences to Stan and family. May he rest in peace and his memory be a blessing.
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