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  1. Our final payment for April 22 cruise is Nov. 30.
  2. We'll just have to wait awhile. Our final payment is Nov 30, which as we all know doesn't mean the cruise is sailing.
  3. Regatta is docked in Astoria!! Now we'll see what happens in 2021 on cruise schedule. Maybe we'll take a drive over from Bend just to look at her. How's that for being desperate for a cruise?:)
  4. Regatta is making way North at 12k. Currently off southern Oregon coast at about Florence. Check it out on cruisemapper.com! Even though we aren't on her, at least she'll be docked in our state.
  5. The closest international airport is Portland, OR which is 1 hr 48 min away. So it does seem possible that crew could be bused over there. Getting Regatta up and ready to cruise will create some challenges since Astoria is a smaller port town.
  6. I'm sure Jancruz is correct! We'll just wait and see what happens next. Hope it works out, as we are really looking forward to the cruise!
  7. Nashna..We are on the same cruise SFO to Miami and back to SFO. I'd also like some clarification about the cruise sailing. I guess we have to wait for some word from O.
  8. Pinotlover..thanks for your input. We'll have to wait and see about the whole thing now. The recent article that Regatta is going to Astoria for a few months is interesting. We are booked April 22 to May 28, 2021 SFO to Miami and back to SFO on Regatta. Looked like a good bet, but maybe not!!
  9. I'm curious about this development as we just booked a cruise on Regatta April 22 to May 28 , 2021 San Fran to Miami and back to SFO. It looked like a safe enough bet, but maybe not! Palakika
  10. We send our bags to the ship with Luggage Free. I wonder how the check in protocols will affect our ability to do that. Would the bags have to be sanitized and we claim them? The convenience of Luggage Free is important to folks like us who don't want to wrangle our bags! Palakika
  11. Susiesan.. Thanks for cruisemapper.com. It looks good. Palakika
  12. Thanks LHT28. I'll check it out! Palakika
  13. How do you track cruise ships around the world? Thanks!
  14. Does anyone know where the O ships will be docked during the cancellation period?
  15. There was also a documentary made several years ago based on the McCullough book. It was very interesting to see in film and photos what folks went through building the canal. Don't remember when it was shown, but on PBS.
  16. RetiredLifer, Great photos of the ships passing in the Panama Canal. We've transitted twice, once each way and found it really interesting. We had the same very knowledgable woman, a canal expert, narrate the trip each time. I agree The Path Between the Seas is a good book to read before going through the canal.
  17. I can't imagine that cbb didn't enjoy your posts, if that's what you mean. I think she simply said she was doing a different blog for 2020 ATW. Your posts were Great! Hope you have a great adventure on this cruise. Palakika
  18. JoePDX...thanks for posting the itinery. Looks interesting!
  19. Shawnino..yes, I too was surprised to hear White Rabbit" with Gracie et al selling cruises!! What a chuckle. Maybe the marketing folks don't know about the song?? Or maybe the cruise biz is going a different direction! Palakika
  20. Cbb..your Overlands sound really exciting! Hope you share some great pics for those of us who will be with you in spirit, if not in person. Palakika
  21. Cbb and Dr Dave... happy holidays and have a wonderful cruise!! I'm looking to reading your blog and seeing both of your wonderful pics! We're over at Or coast and enjoying our new condo. There are several NOAA ships in our harbor as Newport is the West coast headquarters. Our Or State U also has ships and a big oceanography program. So it's sort of like being on a cruise ship from our condo lanai:) Palakika
  22. Lisa..Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and pics from around the world. I guess all good things must come to an end:( But you have another O cruise in 2020! Great pics of the crew members. Francie
  23. We liked David Peterson and had Ray Solaire and his great puppets a number of years ago. Cbb.. enjoying your (and Dr Dave's) travel blog on current cruise:)
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