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  1. As has been mentioned previously, only a loss if you sell today.
  2. Been a bit quiet here recently so here is a last minute if it suits. Norwegian Jewel Fri 14 - Fri 28 Feb (14 nights) EMBARK Sydney, Burnie (Tasmania), Melbourne, Dunedin (Port Chalmers), Akaroa, Wellington, DISEMBARK Sydney, Australia Balcony Guarantee (Sailaway Balcony in their terminology) A$1808 pp + A$300pp pre-paid Service charges. On the cruise line's website.
  3. Thanks to all for their contributions to this thread and particularly Notamermaid for all the wonderful information. I have been tracking the Uniworld River Duchess from Amsterdam to Bucharest as we are scheduled to board her for the cruise back to Amsterdam from October 2. She has been docked at Regensburg, upstream from Pfelling, for a couple of days and is now headed back upstream towards Nuremberg instead of continuing down the Danube as scheduled. It looks to me like a ship swap has occurred with the River Princess. She was docked at Vilshofen, downstream from Pfe
  4. We are starting in Bucharest so this is our first day after the delightful flight from Australia. 5+ hrs on a bus isn't the most enticing of propositions. Your description of Bucharest is exactly what we are hoping for so depending on how we are feeling we may just spend the day exploring. Pickpockets are pretty much a given now. I couldn't believe how good the ones in Barcelona were. Cheers Steve
  5. Hmmm.. that will make us think twice about it as well. While I'm sure the castle is spectacular I doubt it will be the last castle we get to see on the trip. I wonder what the minimum numbers would be? Many minivans are 8 seaters and quite common for tours of that length. Steve
  6. That's good to know about the tours in Budapest. I've been investigating what we could do ourselves for that day. Steve
  7. Yes it is a combination, back to back in ocean cruise parlance, but marketed by Uniworld as a single, complete, option as well. I am gathering there will be some change of passengers at Budapest as we have a Captain's Farewell Dinner on Day 8 and a Welcome Dinner on Day 10. Steve
  8. Thanks HappyTvlr for coming back and reporting on how your trip went. I would love to hear more about your overall impressions if you are willing to share. My email is my CC username at gmail dot com. I recall our previous discussions about this same issue before you left. Sorry that it seems to have caused you so much irritation despite your best efforts to get clear information before you boarded. It certainly sounds like the process is inconsistent and that is why it is so worrying. It's hard to understand how, with a capacity of only 130 passengers, it is so diff
  9. Looking forward to meeting you too. We received our Uniworld parcel last week so it's all very real now. I was mostly concerned about the Peles Castle tour at the start of the trip but all the advice above has been reassuring. We will definitely be signing up for some of the other excursions as soon as we can. We have one extra day in Amsterdam before hopping the train to CDG Airport in Paris and picking up a hire car. Another new experience for me, driving in France. Will be avoiding Paris though and heading back north to do some exploring. 34 days on my countdown now 😃
  10. 🤣I did wonder about the comment earlier. It all sounds very organised and reassuring. Cheers Steve
  11. Thanks RB & Roz for the reassurance. You are right about the anxiety as I'm a bit of a details person and TBH I don't have a lot of confidence in our agent. I'm sure things will work out. We are booked in to the Uniworld hotel (Radisson Blu) in Bucharest and the timeline is as you say. Looking forward to it immensely. Cheers Steve
  12. Thank you RB, more great tips. We have gone through the existing information and chosen most of what we want to include based on that so will check for anything different once we board. I'm trying to reach out to Uniworld at the moment regarding the first day of our trip as there is an excursion listed we want to do but this is even before we actually board the ship. So hopefully we will have some contact with Uniworld staff while still at the hotel. Thanks to everyone for the assistance. Steve
  13. There has been some discussion about this previously. Seems some are and some aren't. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2137518-are-the-walls-magnetic/
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