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  1. Is there a freestyle machine in Central Park?
  2. JustCruisin'

    Allure Eastern Info July 3-10

    I, too, would love the PDF's if you wouldn't mind sending - ww1219@sbcglobal.net. Thank you!!!
  3. JustCruisin'

    Cancel/Re-book While On Board?

    Aren't the TA perks greater than the OBC when booking on board?
  4. Does anyone happen to know if you book a cruise while on board a RCCL ship and then transfer that booking to your own travel agent when you get home will that transferred booking be considered a New Booking? The reason I ask is because there are may promotions out there that say New Bookings Only. I didn't know if this would qualify.
  5. JustCruisin'

    Just off Allure,5/15/16

    How many menus are there for the costal kitchen? I had heard there were 2 throughout the week. Wonder if it had changed.
  6. JustCruisin'

    Just back from Allure Eastern Carrib

    Thanks for the review. We will be sailing on the Allure to the Eastern Caribbean in September so I am trying to read everything Allure.
  7. Following. Nothing will be missed on this cruise with the two of you scoping! You can even scope the other one scoping:D We will be on the allure in September. Can't wait.
  8. So if the $44 Premium Beverage Package Special offer represents a 20% discount, it means that they are increasing the Premium Beverage Package price to $55. ($55 - 20% = $44) Too bad they can't just come out and say that. They are doing the similar thing with Voom in that they are offering it at a 30% discount. If $22.99 represents a 30% discount for the VOOM SURF + STREAM Voyage Package - 2 Devices, it means that they plan on increasing that price to $32.75 per day.
  9. JustCruisin'

    Lunch at Giovannis

    Does anyone know if lunches in the specialty restaurants are cheaper than dinners?
  10. JustCruisin'

    30% off voom

    But there is a new Voom "lite". Can't stream. And it is cheaper. Do you know which one you got??
  11. JustCruisin'

    30% off voom

    Okay. Is this just a ploy? The 30% off price makes it the same price it was 2 weeks ago. Is this the way that RCCL introduces a price increase??? Your thoughts?
  12. JustCruisin'

    C & A First time on RCCL

    Both Celebrity cruises were in non-suite cabins.
  13. JustCruisin'

    C & A First time on RCCL

    We will be in a JS for our upcoming 7 night cruise.
  14. This will be our 10th cruise but first on RCCL. I just signed up for C & A. Will I be eligible for C & A discounts/perks on this first cruise?
  15. You book while on board you will get an OBC. Afterwards you can always move that booked cruise to a different sailing or get a price reduction if one comes along. However - many deals that come up say New Bookings Only. This leads to my question. Is it better to book while on board or wait for a good sale to take advantage of that new booking????? Your thoughts?