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  1. I totally appreciate the crew and all their hard work. Very seldom is someone without smile or some type of positive recognition to me. I often think that if it wasn't for the crew from the Philippines and other foreign countries, the ships wouldn't be sailing. There are very few crew members from the US. I know I wouldn't last long, no matter how much pay I was receiving. Plus, the crew who have constant contact with passengers must speak and understand English. Many of them speak three languages. I only speak English fluently. I my opinion, they are worth every dollar and tip they receive. I love cruising and I want them to keep working for Princess.
  2. Coke Zero is not available. Just Diet Coke in the US and Coke Light in Europe.
  3. He was just confused. The one or two times it was not in the bathroom when we boarded, the steward always told us he would have it there by the evening when he got more from the storage area.
  4. When going on an excursion in Greenland, I would try to go with Princess. If you choose to book a private tour, be sure it is refundable or payment is not due until after the excursion. We have tried to get into Greenland twice with Princess, and both times there were too many iceburgs for the ship to dock. We were there in the fall.
  5. From anyone's experience, when tendering to shore, how does the crew distinguish if you are elite since all OM are blue?
  6. I always purchase a new $10 watch at the great 3 hour sale, which I get for $9. It's cheaper than buying a new battery and it's very exciting to rummage through all the designer watches which Princess offers that I have seen onboard over the last 10 years. That's about what they get from me onboard. Pam
  7. Good Morning..... I'm the OP on this thread. Just wanted to update that today my Loyalty Credit showed in the Travel Summary. We are leaving on Monday, so it is exactly what was reported in these discussions. Thank you. It doesn't indicated refundable or not. Either way, we have over a $1000 OBC and paid grats, so I will be cashing out at the casino what is not used. Thanks again, can always count on CC. Pam
  8. Not that it's going to do any good....but next week when we are sailing, and they have the Captain's Circle party for the elites, and some of the Officers are there, I'm going to raise my hand and voice my displeasure. We don't use the chair every minute we are in the cabin, but it's sure nice to have when we do. As stated in a previous post, we are loyal to Princess, cruising with them enough to be elite, and I feel they just don't care about their customers anymore. Like, if you don't want to cruise with us any more, no worries, someone else will. Pam
  9. Does anyone recall where the Loyalty credit shows on the cruise booking summary? I believe I read a while back it shows the dollar amount a few weeks before sailing, but not sure where. Thanks in advance. Pam
  10. On my last cruise, one of the crew was polishing the thin brass boarder around the carpeting in the public area on deck 7. I saw him doing this for two days in a row. I stopped and complemented him on what a great job he was doing. He talked to me for a few minutes, telling me how he supports his family and how he missed them. He said he is paid $1,000 a month for his work with Princess. He is hoping to advance to a higher level with Princess so his salary will increase.
  11. My husband likes to sit in the barrel chair while I'm getting ready for dinner. Much more comfortable than the desk chair. I also like the small table. I get my excursion items ready in my bag for the next day, and then I just have to grab it, and it's not in my way.
  12. Oh, we would get our exercise and only take one from each room. Most passengers just leave their laundry, anyway, for the next passenger to remove their clothes when they are completed and left in the machine. Pam
  13. Although the barrel chair got in the way at times, it was nice to sit in rather than the desk chair or the bed. Geez, I'll be on the Emerald next month with, apparently, no barrel chair. If my cabin steward can' t replace the chair, DH and I will carry all the chairs from the laundry room into the cabin and stack them up until we need them. Childish, yes, but when I booked this cruise it showed a barrel chair in the cabin. I didn't receive any notification if I choose to cancel because of the inconvenience. I wonder what they will do with the thousands of chairs they take off the ships. Last night on the show Dear or No Deal, Princess gave a cruise away for approximately $25,000. I no it doesn't sound like much when Princess is worth lots, but it is annoying that they are cutting back for passengers and giving cruises away. Pam
  14. The cruise ships are not the only ones not giving out straws freely, the resorts in Cancun have signs at the bars and restaurants that they no longer use straws. They also recycle the plastic glasses given out at the beach bars. They wash them in dishwashers, same as the glass glasses.
  15. Quoting our favorite Cruise Director, Kelvin Joy, who is now an Entertainment Director, "we eat the same food as the passengers, just not the same day".
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