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  1. I only cruise Princess. Disembarked from the Sky on March 14, so very happy I was able to get that trip completed before life changed. One day in port I shared a bench with a HAL crew member. He told me they refer to HAL ships as floating nursing homes, so I think I'll stay with Princess if crusing ever resumes.
  2. Just press on the arrow in the circle. Should start for you
  3. Very heartwarming. Just makes me realize how much I miss the entire cruising experience and can't wait to board again.
  4. I was on the beautiful Sky in the Caribbean for 14 days ending March 14. Jan Schwartz announced all passengers would be disembarking on that day. I feel fortunate that I was able to enjoy my 14 days before cruising ended for now. The ship stopped in the Dominican Republic two days before we were to disembark in FLL to pick up test kits. 100 crew were randomly tested and by the time we got to FLL all was clear and we disembarked on time. As soon as it was announced the ship would not be sailing in the near future, the shops discounted all the Sky princess clothing and items 75%, so I have many great items for memories,
  5. Thank you for posting. It just made me yearn to be on a ship again. I was on the Sky cruise where all had to disembark on March 14. During that cruise we had ships following us throughout the Caribbean. The Captain always had fun showing up the other ships with their boring horns, and then our awesome Sky song.
  6. I'm the op. I guess it's legit Talked to passenger service and they said it's something new. I guess you don't have to be present to win, because I wasn't Nice touch. I also asked about the elite toilette items and why none were available on the Sky when I saw the Captain Circle Hostess. She said items in the old bags were not environmentally friendly (after all these years they are just figuring that out) and she had no idea when they would arrive. So I asked what compensation I would receive I'm lieu, and she gave me two drink coupons. Fair
  7. This is a new one for me. I'm currently on the Sky. Tomorrow is turn around day in Lauderdale, I'm staying on another week. I received a call this morning from Guest Services that I was a winner in the lottery for in transit passengers, and they wanted me to make a reservation at the resturant of my choice. I asked if was totally complimentary, and they assured me it was. Is this something new? By the way, a crew member is at all entrances of the buffet from AM to PM making sure hands are washed. There also is a sink at the former Trident Grill, can't recall the new name. So that's a good thing.
  8. Thank you for the great idea, never thought of that.
  9. The little elite bags have different toiletries in them and are usually placed on the bathroom counter for the elite passenger category
  10. I have read the Sky does not offer the elite bags. Have they begun offering them at this time?
  11. I missed the above answers to my question. Brain already on cruise mode. Sorry
  12. $9.99 unlimited access to wifi for one device per day is being offered before boarding. Has anyone experienced this amount less after boarding? Thanks
  13. Loved your review. Since my husbands passing, I will become a solo cruiser. How do you find that Princess is offering discounted single supplements on cruises? Thanks
  14. On my past cruises, the last one being March, I always received extra soaps. Just asked for them. I'm wondering if I should bring my own soap on the Sky next month.
  15. I totally appreciate the crew and all their hard work. Very seldom is someone without smile or some type of positive recognition to me. I often think that if it wasn't for the crew from the Philippines and other foreign countries, the ships wouldn't be sailing. There are very few crew members from the US. I know I wouldn't last long, no matter how much pay I was receiving. Plus, the crew who have constant contact with passengers must speak and understand English. Many of them speak three languages. I only speak English fluently. I my opinion, they are worth every dollar and tip they receive. I love cruising and I want them to keep working for Princess.
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