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  1. I was to be on Rotterdam on 10/3.....sad. prayers for Allen......sorry to read that. Allergic to cats..they can be so cute though. My nose is itchy thinking about it! Making Sunday sauce...started today so it can rest. Meatballs go in tomorrow. It smells so good. Should be a cool weather dish, but when a girl needs sauce? Even my daughter asked for good sauce the other day.. Chateau St. Michelle Chardonnay for me today....Red tomorrow with the sauce.
  2. I printed out tomato pie....will give that a try. We have wonderful fresh tomatoes here. Looking forward to my yearly BLT.....yum. Lots of fresh basil...bumper crop.
  3. I posted a picture on yesterday’s daily......yea for me! Thank you for the directions. You can teach an old dog! pretending that it’s Ice Cream day again....forget the soda.
  4. Good Morning, love the photos of the flowers. I never figured how to post pictures here. i will celebrate National Ice Cream day....chocolate, please!
  5. Thanks. I prefer the bed away from the balcony. I appreciate the help. Can never figure it out. Actually, to be on a cruise again, I’ll take what I get. Thanks again. Alice
  6. Does anyone know the trick to figure the layout of the balcony cabins? 7310 on Equinox is what I’m interested in hearing about Orr seeing a photo. Thanks. Alice
  7. I have been, I want to go NOW, or to believe that I will again. Should be there in October...not this year!
  8. Beautiful and very sad for the Bonhomme Richard.
  9. Beautiful! I want to be there.
  10. Wow, The photos of flowers are beautiful. I’m enjoying my garden, but our weather has been very dry. I’m tired of watering. Where is Scheveningen NL Anchorage..Niew Statendam is there? That is my next scheduled Holland cruise. Rotterdam in October is cancelled and refund is posted on my account. Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it. Does anyone have a winter 2021 cruise booked? Graduation dinner was great...just family. The ceremony is at the drive in. No carbonara here today, but I like that. Burger on the grill suits me today. Crab cakes was my choice last night...love them. Alice
  11. I have enjoyed following along, but I feel like an observer of the cool kids table at lunch. Sounds like you know each other? I am just desperate to believe that I can cruise again. I love wine, but your $140+ per bottle might buy me close to a case. Save the left overs for me. Going out for dinner....we must sit outside to dine and it’s a big occasion. My granddaughter is graduating high school. Bad year for that, but we’re all healthy.
  12. These dailies are great. I have to believe that cruising will be back and, you give me hope. love chardonnay would enjoy making something with those zucchini blossoms...they are so good. take care. Alice
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