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  1. I am booked on Anthem in December 2021, April 2022 and January 2023. I hope!!!!
  2. I don't mean LIVE now, LIVE anytime! I can't find any for the Anthem. But I don't want to hijack this thread. And I thank you all for your info. I LOVED following this thread - it was so much fun!
  3. I'm sorry to ask. I just want to know if I am doing it correctly.
  4. Would you please do a quick search for me? I'm looking for a "live" on the anthem. Either I'm doing it wrong, or there are none ...
  5. No, that doesn't work. I'm looking to search JUST the title. I want the words "live" and "Anthem" in the title. That brings up any thread with those words in the entire thread. It lists "live" and "Allure," etc. Unless there are none .... but, still - all I want the results to be are the titles of the threads, not the entire body. I'm probably not explaining it good enough.
  6. I have a question about CC. If I wanted to follow another one of your (or someone else's) "live" threads, how do I find it? I've tried searching the threads, and want to search for the word "live" in "titles only," or something to that effect. Also, since I am going on the Anthem soon, I tried to search for a "live" thread on that ship, and, unless I'm doing it incorrectly, there are none. I don't mean to hijack your thread (I waited until it was just about over), but I can't message anyone and I did try to find the answer myself. It doesn't have to be Royal, but in general - how do I search for a word in the title or find threads that a poster creates?
  7. following ... I'm supposed to be there in December ...
  8. Today it is $150!!!!! Is it only an "area?" Less crowded? I know you get a better lunch, but what do they offer that's worth $150? I'm about ready to purchase, but I would like to know what makes it so much better? They have free areas, other than this, correct? Does the free area have lockers? Does the $150 guarantee you an umbrella and chair?
  9. I see that all Quantum ships have a few solo balcony cabins. Can someone give me some insight on these cabins? Size, worth the price for square footage (or lack thereof), location, price, etc. Does anyone know the cabin numbers for Anthem? This is what I found on CC: "Quantum of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas: All of Royal Caribbean's Quantum-class ships feature 28 dedicated studio cabins for travelers traveling solo. Options range from so-called "virtual balcony" cabins (which feature 80-inch floor-to-ceiling LED display screens that project live images from outside the ship), as well as rooms with actual 55-square-foot balconies. All cabin interiors range in size from 101 to 119 square feet." Thanks for your help.
  10. I just rebooked. Going on the Anthem. I hope. Thanks for the info
  11. Thank you. This is offered to you, I assume? I can't ask for it? How is it different than just taking what I have now and putting it on a future cruise? I'm talking about the lift and shift. I tried to "quote" NJkruzer's response, but I don't think I did it correctly.
  12. Any time next year. I was booked on Empress going out of Bayonne.
  13. So ALL cruises are cancelled for 2021 out of US? (Probably a stupid question given the above post. I just want to be certain.) When was Royal going to tell me? I am booked on a cruise in July (or *was* I should say).
  14. Noreen, if possible, please post the link to your next review on the Anthem. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR THIS!
  15. I eventually went. Was so happy! Picked up a dozen. While standing in line to pay, a very agitated man pushed up from behind me carrying on about how the bakery charged him double. He created such a ruckus - he had everyone scrambling behind the counter looking for the cash register receipt. He was extremely loud and agitated. In the resulting chaos, I did manage to pay, get my box and left the store .... only to find out that they never "sealed" the box and the box wasn't allowed on the ship because it was "open." So, I never tried the donuts. Wasted my money, as well. <sigh>
  16. I understand that - I see the pictures. But I feel I should have been told and given a choice. I booked this trip well over a year ago. My travel agent should have known.
  17. I'll be in 7588 on the Radiance this Sunday. I'm very disappointed. I saw this thread too late to change and both the TA and Royal claim the view is NOT obstructed. I'll know on Sunday.... 😒
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