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  1. On the Allure, from what I have seen in videos and comments here, it's not worth anything. Not really much of anything.
  2. FYI, "land based" Las Vegas drinks on the strip normally run $15-$20 and sometimes more. They charge these prices because they can. Same with RCL. Again use the search box and type in UDP or DBP and most of those threads are people deciding if they are worth it. Almost all of the replies are overwhelmingly YES. It has never been about profit. It's about how much profit can we make?
  3. What is so amazing about JR's? Apparently there has to be something to it. This thread may spawn 500 replies before its done with. I have eaten at JR's a few times at amusement parks and it was never bad but it was never special either. I have seen so many posters worried about if they can get a complimentary shake or meal at JR's. Heck, just plug in JR's in the search box and you get thread after thread about cruisers wanting to know about JR's. There is a good reason why many may be disappointed with JR's. Because it's meant to be average.
  4. The cruise price is what the customer is willing to pay. As long as their profit margins are met whether a cruise sells out or not, I don't think things will change. It's the same with any other product.
  5. After seeing how big the chipped cup is, I don't blame people for wanting to cut out the chip. The video I just saw showed some kid smash the cup by jumping on it. LOL. I bet you that some people have accidently cut into that chip and disabled it. I guess at that point you would have to tell them that you lost your cup instead of showing them what you did. It's a shame that you have to carry that big cup around with you. All they need is a card reader on each machine.
  6. I was just reacting to your comments. If you want to speak hyperbole, can you please put an asterisk by any of your statements that are embellished or exaggerated? Thanks.
  7. I think everyone on this board needs to pray that you have no children and/or you do not supervise children in any capacity. So you would spot a kid 4 inches on a ride? I'll bet you think it's ok to leave a gun on the night stand as long as you talk to your kids about firearm safety.
  8. Are there coffee shops or cafes that serve premium coffee? And when I say premium, I am talking about coffee that doesn't come from concentrate. Our last cruise had coffee machines that had concentrate that would mix with hot water before being dispensed. However the coffee card for purchase could be used in premium coffee shops.
  9. Why are you even on this site? Tooting your own horn about gibberish is not a good way to go through life. Good luck.
  10. I think what happened was you went on this fabulous trip and the snorkeling was fantastic!!!!...........TO YOU. But even National Geographic and the Smithsonian don't list anything in the Red Sea as being top notch. Now outside of the Red Sea in the Arabian Sea are much better places to snorkel. Even Buck Island, St. Croix and Ambergris Caye, Belize are listed in the top ten. Australia, Indonesia, Brazil? Yes definitely! Red Sea???? Eh...... Not so much. Sorry for your loss.
  11. Thanks for the info. That was the one thing I was worried about.
  12. We are going in February. How cold is that water going to be?
  13. Could they have meant per day for 2? That is odd.
  14. Well, not really but an interesting read. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-royal-caribbean-gets-customers-spend-more-money-2018-4
  15. Why can't you book a cruise with it? We pay everything through our credit card including all vacations. Is it a credit card with some restrictions?
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