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  1. Finally caught up on the review. How dare Carnival kicks Yourself and Patti off the Horizon. LOL. Thanks Jeff and Patti for a great review and the photos.
  2. Another great read and food photos. Yep, there's times i don't do shore tours, I just walk around the shops in port. BTW Jeff, I didn't make it to a Patriots game this year...
  3. Another great read Jeff. Curacao is another Island I like to get back to.
  4. Yummy food pictures. A great sea day........ Jeff, I hope you and Patti made it though Ida. I made it out ok.
  5. Jeff, I have the Enchanted Princess booked for October 2022 RT out of NYC to Canada New England.
  6. Hi Jeff and Patti. Finally back to cruising. Finally caught up on your review. Great photo's as usual. I agree with you on the South of the Boarder being a tourist trap.
  7. Taken from Princess website: CruiseHealth™ - COVID-19 Guest Protocols - Princess Cruises
  8. I have a few. Key Lime Pie Martini, Lemon Drop Martini, Milky Way Martini, Black Star Martini (not on the menu any longer).
  9. I'm sorry to read that Krazy Kruizer has passed. I did meet KK and her Hubby a few years back in FLL before going on our cruises.
  10. Hi Jeff and Patti. Enjoy your time in FL. And have fun. Cheers. Barb
  11. Here is a picture from the Sky Princess. The Life Boats will be hanging from Deck 8 to Deck 7.
  12. I believe ColoCruiser is taking a break from the boards.
  13. Thank You Keith for the low key from the Sky Princess. And Welcome Home.
  14. Keith, You did mention Deck 17 Aft. I know Churchill is another one.
  15. Keith, I never did like Princess Live from the Royal.
  16. Great read Jeff. Back in 2014 while I was on the Royal Princess I did Peggy's Cove and I just walked around in the Market place next to Pier 21 in Halifax. Next time while I'm in Halifax, I'll take a walk down the Harbourwalk. In St. John I just went to the tent market and did some shopping since it was raining. BTW what was the last shot with the pink stuff in it? Still need to catch up...….
  17. Another great read Jeff. When I sailed out of Brooklyn back 2014 on Royal Princess, it had rained in the am, then it cleared up by 2pm. Of course I had the car service to drive me there. I liked sailing out of Brooklyn better than Manhattan. Brooklyn port is cleaner and 1 ship is in port. Manhattan to yucky (needs a MAJOR over hall.) I did miss sailing down the Hudson to see the Lady Liberty. I'm laughing that Carnival is STILL doing the Hairy Chest Contest. LMAO. After not sailing on Carnival for the last16 years or so.
  18. Great read and photo's of Charleston. I would like to get back to Charleston one day. My parents and I stopped in Charleston for a few hours (driving back) from my Cousin wedding in Atlanta GA. This was in 1985.
  19. Jeff, I've been saying to myself the last couple days, I gotta check and see if you were posting your cruise log. And you have. 😀 Looks like Yourself and Patty like sailing out of Brooklyn than Manhattan. I've sailed out of Brooklyn on Princess back in 2014 to Canada/New England. I like Brooklyn much better.
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