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  1. I thought October had now moved to November?
  2. Just received a TA e mail with a 21-22 itineraries headline. There’s no detail but I did not like the sound of this: Seabourn Quest Central America and Panama Canal series late 2021. I had hoped for Antarctica. Just looking back at my 2017 photos there. Seabourn have today announced that their Autumn 2021, Winter and Spring 2022 voyages will be available from 19th June 2020.
  3. We stay in a large apartment on the grand canal with living room and large bedroom having a third floor superb view. It’s opposite ca d’oro
  4. I was refunded yesterday (as posted here) by credit card. I booked through a TA. I wasn’t asked to supply my details again before I received the refund.
  5. That is per person in a balcony cabin (large, effectively at least a mini suite on p&o, all inclusive) for 2 and flights are extra. I must stress that 7 days pp would usually be much higher (at least over £2k). We went to the Caribbean with them last December and paid around £3500 each. The flights were a good price. Usually a ta would give you 10% off. Of course much of this will probably change in the future. Sometimes there are deals with on board credit, free flights etc
  6. Agreed. We too got the standard e mail with the reference. With regard to TA contacts the only information I have received from them is an infuriatingly annoying e magazine which seems to appear with increasing frequency (or is that just my weeks all blurring into one). I have been very happy with this travel agent In the past but I think they should just have a think how some of their loyal customers are feeling.
  7. I think the prices quoted for premium lines are on the high side. If you shop around and book late (contra your p&o) I have had two weeks on Seabourn in the med for £2699 in 2016, one week in the Black Sea for £1399 (before the invasion of Ukraine) etc. These are the exceptions but it’s a good way to try them.
  8. No. I haven’t contacted them since. I was prepared to wait my turn. However, seeing more vocal people with more recent cancellations receiving refunds I eventually contacted P&O late last week by e mail. I received a one line reply saying my query has been escalated but with no apology or information as to what this actually meant in terms of receipt. I have chased this unsatisfactory reply tonight. What about you?
  9. Me too. Refund awaited requested mid March.
  10. I have p&o experience. 35 cruises since 1997 (honeymoon). By the end we were paying for suites but started off in inside cabins. Stopped in 2012 and moved to Seabourn, with whom I’ve done 160 days. Most cabins there are the same. They’re really mini suites. I said I’d never go back but last year came back to p&o for a winter northern lights cruise and loved it. in an inside cabin. Cheap as chips. This was followed by 2 more P&O cruises and 1 Seabourn. All I can say is you probably get what you pay for. I like making my own entertainment. Nice drinks, fantastic food, good company. I can have nice drinks by buying a bottle or two of champagne in Anderson’s etc. The price with the generous 10% discount is good. Food is more problematic but the glass house and a nice bottle is ok. With what I save on cabins I can have the experience I like up to a point. The luxury experience is great. Marvellous personal service. People know your name from the second day ship wide. No showing your card for anything. But it’s not cheap. With Seabourn we’ve been to Alaska, Greenland, Antarctica etc So I’d say try it. You will probably enjoy it. Might decide you prefer it. But won’t be disappointed by either in the future. At the moment we’d give anything for a wet weekend in Whitby!
  11. Well my land holiday is booked for the Seychelles at the end of august. Have already written it off mentally.
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