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  1. Hi guys, does anyone know which ship Topi Ylonen is currently or which ship he will be on next? I would really like to book a cruise he would be CD. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know if Joff will be going to Indy again on summer season 2019?
  3. Thank you for your replies and pics. This was very helpful. I read one thread were someone was saying they removed the DL, happy to hear that is not the case.
  4. Hey guys! I have been trying to find information about Diamond lounge in Indy. There seems to be different information available. Can someone who knows confirm, did they do any changes to Diamond lounge on last refurbishment? Is it still the same or did they moved it? Thanks!
  5. I am also following.... I am going to cruise with Seaside for the first time in next November. Have amazing cruise! By the way, it is 33 F here in Finland right now, so I cant wait to be in Miami in two months! :D
  6. Hey all, this is a bit of topic but anyone happen to know a good hotel in Fort Lauderdale with self service laudrette? We are doing three cruises in a row and we have one night between the cruises and we would like to get some laudry done... thanks!!
  7. Room is tolerable now. Floor is still wet so we have to were fliplops. But luckily smell is gone. That does not change a fact that we are still living in a room full of sewage. They just moved our shoes in the middle of the cabin. Most of them are ok, only one pair I will have to throw away.
  8. Hey guys, Cabin is D206. We did not get a new cabin or any compensation, at least not yet. I am honestly so tired of speaking with the people in guest service that I might just give up and try to enjoy rest of the cruise.
  9. Thanks for your comments guys! Still no new cabin for us. Our cabin attendant said that they sanitised the floor but that must have happen fast because we were gone like less than an hour. Well now I am writing a letter, hope that helps. I am also really tempted to go camping in front of the guest service desk!!
  10. Hey all, has anything like this happened to you guys: Dirty water from the toilet floaded to all of our cabin carpet while we were having breakfast this morning. All of our shoes are dirty, there are machines drying carpets right now and they are so loud that we cant stay in our cabin right now, not sure what I am going to do when it is time to get ready for dinner! Also weird smell in the cabin. We asked if they could give a new cabin for us. That did not happen. No one cabin available! Could that even be true? Any suggestion what we should do? Thanks!
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