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  1. Out of curiosity, is there a certain time of day bid acceptance notifications (and forbid-- rejections) get sent out?
  2. For the past couple of years, I travel exclusively--land and sea-- with shampoo and conditioner bars (yes, like soap bars for your hair)--they don't count against your TSA 3/11 liquids and I leave them in my suitcase. You can buy these from "Lush Cosmetics"--online, if you don't have a store near you. They have been game changers for me. There are other makers, but I've been very happy with what I've bought from Lush. Because I only use them for travel, I've only had to re-stock one time-- I just popped in my local store this week.
  3. Does a bid show "pending" on the upgrade page? This is the first time I've taken part in this.
  4. There was a price drop in my category. I was given an option to upgrade to an OV (but we're not fans of those) and we're content with our inside. I took the OBC (25% of the difference). If there's another drop, would they then give me an upgrade if they don't offer OBC? I had originally called to see if I could do a direct upgrade to a balcony, but the cost was way more than I was comfortable with.
  5. If your upgrade bid is accepted are your taxes and service charges adjusted?
  6. Thank you! I knew you would know. Funny thing is, I'm good with our cabin, but it would be awesome to get an upgrade (and a nice surprise for the family). Could we have booked the cabin we wanted from the get-go? Sure, but we just wanted to book the cruise at a good price. LOL Thank you again, JamieLogical.
  7. I'm not sure if it was already covered, but I'm going to ask anyway: price drops. I'm just over 30 days out. Our sailing still has PLENTY of cabins available (in some categories it is showing 15--telling me there could be more(?). Prices are still the same as they have been. I've been monitoring this sailing since we were invited to bid on upgrades. Will NCL institute a price drop? And how does / will this affect bidding?
  8. "Total dollars spent." Does that also include extras that one has added to their booking, i.e., dining packages, excursions, etc.? I bid in the "fair" range--barely so, and am wondering if I'm "overbidding"?😌
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