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  1. I always request no animals. Feel it's a waste of time, resources, and space. Guess I'm just a party pooper.
  2. How do I get on the mailing list ? I get casino rates on HAL and Carnival, but have never received a casino offer. I feel left out ( sniff ).
  3. Sailing the Zuiderdam for the first time in December. There was no roll call listed ( the new roll call list puts me off ). I started a thread, but no-one has responded; I'll keep checking. Glad to hear positive reviews.
  4. Last month tried Occidental Grand Barcelo. Very nice upscale property. Beach, adult pool and "everybody" pool. The place was crowded and there was a surplus of chair hogs. Don't know if this is an all the time thing or just a February thing; lots of people from the far north staying at the hotel. There are 3 bars, two pool side and one in the main reception area. There is an open buffet with anything you could want to eat. Shared a taxi with 4 other cruisemates which made it vert affordable. Would go back again; a cut above experience.
  5. Yes Schmoo, I did go to the roll call forum followed instructions, and couldn't find cruise. I thought I posted the cruise, 12/10/19, but don't see it anywhere. Thanks, Essiesmom. I will try again; I have a phobia about double posts!
  6. Keep looking for December 2019 roll call; non existent. Finally posted and can't even find my post. What's up?
  7. Went to Willie Maes yesterday. Amazing. I grew up in the south and found all the accoladed's duly earned. There is a line, always, but it moves quickly. Took an uber both ways, easy and affordable; around $8.
  8. Never been to either. Know both are good. Only have time for one; recomendations please.
  9. Ybor city. Walk around, have coffee at the shop where they roast and grind it. Don't miss a meal at the Columbia restaurant.
  10. The hotel will shuttle you free of charge to Publix or anywhere else like Walgreens. Reliable service.
  11. Thanks Greg. Last time I stayed there I was too tired to go downstairs for the late night snack. I plan to try again this time after breakfast at Mothers and late lunch at Willie Maes.
  12. Not driving in and will take a taxi or uber to port from hotel ( Le Pavillion ). Should I plan extra time? Will there be any problem getting from point A to point B?
  13. Used them in Vienna and Rome without problem.
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