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  1. So 2, plus the booster, equals 3. How many more do I need before I can go on a cruise, or is 3 enough?
  2. The aft balconies vary in size. From largest to smallest on Breakaway and Getaway. 9, 12, 11, 10, 14, 13. Deck 9 is directly above the waterfront, therefore in my opinion deck 12 is the best. It’s in a sweet spot between the waterfront and spice H20- if noise is something that bothers you. All views are pretty standard. No beams, just the dividers of each cabin next to you. If you are at the railing the people above can look down at you and the people below you can look up at you. The balconies are partially covered so depending on the time of day you might exper
  3. Do you actually think we will have to tender in to these 3 ports? I wonder if we will all gather in a certain area and when they announce our excursion, we can get off the ship via a tender.
  4. It’s the 2nd FAQ from the link above. It depends on the length of your sailing.
  5. I forgot this program even existed. It must not be very popular with NCL cruisers. It’s similar to CCL’s Faster to the Fun which people go crazy over though.
  6. Royal and NCL cruisers who don’t want the vax, but want to cruise will be looking for a place to go and CCL will be welcoming them with open arms.
  7. Carnival is good if you’re looking to get out on the water, for a lower price. Royals perks in their cheapest suites will be better than Carnival’s perks in their most expensive owners suite. Carnival is not a bad cruise line, but if you’re looking for something extra and over the top, you’re most likely not going to find it.
  8. Does anyone take the CDC seriously? I still haven’t gotten over the ‘no mask, wear a mask, double mask’ flip flopping. They lost all credibility and need to build the organization over from the ground up.
  9. Seriously. I would like a little time to plan cabin location and itinerary. Or will it be like the Caribbean cruises last week, where they provided no info ahead of time and just opened the booking flood gates.
  10. I kinda like the concept, I can start my vacation even earlier on a tropical island. I just wish the airfare wasn’t so expensive. About $800 pp round trip is a lot more than I’m use to paying.
  11. How many excursions are available to book? I’m on the first sailing and there are 17 amongst the 3 ports. I’m not overly impressed.
  12. How about excursions? Do you have any available to book yet? I see people are posting about different excursion options but they are not listed for me.
  13. In addition to having the test during the timeframe, your results need to have the following information - The laboratory or clinic Full name of test subject Type of test administered Name of antigen test Swab date Source of the swab Result date Negative result All of the above is standard except for source of swab. I’ve looked at all my test results over the past year and not one has ever referenced where they swabbed me. I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned or questioned this as I don’t think it’s standard on test results.
  14. Ehas says your tests results must include the “source of the swab.” I’ve taken many covid tests and my results have never stated where they swabbed me. Has anyone else run into that issue?
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