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  1. If you go on a site called cruisedeckplans.com you can compare each deck to the ones higher or lower and decipher what is directly above or below your cabin.
  2. No one really knows, but spending your kids inheritance in the casino might help! Seriously, if you get a certificate , go on a cruise and make sure you use your players card religiously. At that point, you'll be able to deal with CAS directly, and not have to worry about qualifying at your local casino. You'll get far better offers if you pour your money through the slots as opposed to the tables. Just like land based casinos, which drives my wife crazy. We can go to our local watering hole and gamble dollar for dollar. I play slots and she tables. I receive the offers for free rooms, free slot play, free concerts, etc. She is lucky to get a $15.00 match play! Go figure. Happy cruising!!
  3. We get the last -off luggage tags. Out of the cabin by 8:00. Up to the buffet for breakfast.We then hang out playing whist with friends till our color is called. At that point there is almost no one left , so no crowded elevators. When we get down to the luggage area, it's easy to pick ours out because there are so few there. At that point, our pre-booked ride is waiting to whisk us home. Easy-peezy!!
  4. I assume "bins" are binoculars? Never heard that. That's why we hang out on CC, to learn new things everyday! Been to Bermuda 8 or 9 times now. Have seen the flying fish every time, always when we are leaving, never on arrival. It's like they're giving us an escort to make sure we leave the island safely!! And speaking of fish, on our last cruise in October of 19, we had a pod of dolphins ( 10-15) swimming alongside the boat for about an hour. That was incredible!
  5. I assume when you say "down in that region"you are referring to the Bahamas and points south. Bermuda is 900+ miles north of that area. It is a beautiful island, clean and friendly. You would do yourselves a disservice if you sailed all that way and didn't explore the island. Happy cruising!!
  6. To bluesea 777- Would you answer a question for me? Is Calico Jacks still operating somewhere in Bermuda, or have they( no pun intended) given up the ship? If still operating, will they be back in Dockyard? Thanking you in advance for your answer!
  7. Last on the Gem 10/19. The pool was not heated on that cruise, and it is sea water, not fresh. Haven't been on the ship in really cold weather, so don't know if NCL has pool heaters installed or not. If you're heading south, pool should warm up within a day or so.
  8. CDC moved Bermuda today to "very high risk-level 4" travel advisory.
  9. We always buy a Serta 3" queen size foam topper (about $130.00). Queen size is the best fit. Kings are way too large, full size fuggetaboutit! Comes compressed in a box about the size of a small to medium suitcase. Just affix a cabin tag to the box and have it delivered to your cabin. Strip the mattress, put the topper on (takes about 30-45 minutes to decompress) remake the bed, and, voila!!,you'll sleep like babies all week! When the cruise is over, we give the topper to our steward. Their crew beds are small twins, so he or she can cut the topper in half, keep one half and give the other to another crew member. They really appreciate it!
  10. Just received this update from NCL. Cruises on the above dates will now set sail from the Dockyard at 7:00 AM on Wednesday instead of 5:30 PM on Tuesday.We'll gain a night in Bermuda, but lose a night at sea.Personally, I look forward to 2 full days at sea.Oh well, such is life! No reason given for the change, but probably has to do with covid testing the first day.
  11. If you want to do a little searching,this topic was discussed back on August 9th. It is a post called " slots and blackjack tournaments". It offered a lot of useful info. Currently on page 16, but that will change as new posts come in.
  12. All of the slot pull groups I've been in have used a Wheel of Fortune $3.00 max spin machine. Everyone throws in $15.00, 5 pulls per player. The possibility of hitting a "SPIN" adds to the excitement. You should plan to do your slot pull right after your meet and greet, or, definitely, immediately after your cabin crawl. People are still interested at that point. Hours later, not so much. Also, on the outside chance that you hit a jackpot, you should decide ahead of time who gets the W-2G and the tax money.NCL does not withhold taxes, but does notify the IRS of your winnings. Good Luck and Happy Sailing!
  13. You didn't mention whether you're traveling solo, i.e.,are those figures for one or two? Port fees for our Bermuda trip next spring are $259.28 per person/ $518.56 total.They've gone up more than $50.00 since our last cruise in October of 2019.
  14. FYI- if you roll all your clothes you can fit almost twice the amount you would otherwise get in the bag!
  15. Do you remember what the upcharge for the tomahawk is? On a cruise 5 or 6 years ago, a buddy of mine ordered the tomahawk and consumed the entire thing!. I was impressed. I'm sure the lobster tail you were served was "rock" lobster from down Florida way. Can't be compared in any way to a "sweet down-east Maine cold water lobster tail".
  16. That would be the GTY category, where you're at the mercy of NCL as to where you'll end up. All other cabins have the " free at sea" built into the price. As an example, if you decline the beverage package, NCL won't reduce your cruise fare.
  17. Just checked the NCL website for club balcony amenities, and nowhere is a concierge mentioned as an amenity.
  18. How do you get access to a concierge in a club balcony? As far as I know , they are only part of the suite life and above ( club -balcony suite not really being a suite) . We have now been in 9 mini-suites/club balconies and never had access to a concierge.
  19. We and our traveling companions always take the last called color tags. Normally out of the cabin by 8, and up to the buffet. We eat breakfast , and then play Whist for an hour or so. Our color usually gets called around 10. So it's down the elevators ( which are empty by that time because there is hardly anyone left in the buffet) and down to baggage pickup. We grab our bags, which is super -easy as we don't have to search through hundreds to find them, and we're on our way!
  20. The tub wall is very high. The tub itself is very narrow and rounded on the end away from the drain.So you don't have all that much comfortable standing space.I wouldn't recommend them for anyone with mobility issues.
  21. It's actually about 80 square feet larger than a balcony. About 65 more square feet in the cabin and approx. 15 more on the balcony. But definitely not a suite!!
  22. Yes, the card will be waiting for you in your cabin.
  23. NCL was granted a temporary injunction, so my guess would be until the appeals court decides on the outcome of the appeal, temporarily they can sail fully vaccinated.
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