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  1. Yes, it was a nice surprise to have the same day service. We were able to give laundry on Saturday morning (last full day on the ship) by 9:00 and it was completed and back in our room later that day.
  2. Hello! I wanted to update the post as we were on the Nieuw Amsterdam last week. I brought two sets of ice packs on board. Whatever packs we were not using in the cooler in our refrigerator were kept in the medical center freezer. We visited the medical center once in the morning and once in the evening to pick up one set of ice packs and drop off the other other set. We kept the medication in our room in the refrigerator in a cooler with ice packs and a gallon size Ziplock full of ice (we visited Deck 9/Lido once a day for fresh ice). As other posters have mentioned. the refrigerator itself is cool, but not cold. Thanks again for the help!
  3. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam this past week and had dry erase boards The walls next to the cabin doors are magnetic. However, we found the HA Navigator messaging system to work quite well also. We could message each other as needed. However, you don't get a notification when you have a new message and you cannot send a message to more than one person.
  4. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam last week and had a case of bottled water. It was tagged and delivered to our room with the luggage. No issues.
  5. Great reviews @GoHoward and @CherryG, thank you! @dawnprincess, we were on the NA last week and here is what I remember regarding the shows: 1st night: a preview of the upcoming shows: descriptions and one song from each show 2nd night: comedian 3rd night: singing and dancing show about different aspects of nature 4th night: DNA: two men from England that have a show with mind reading, etc. 5th night: singing and dancing show about top hits from the past few decades 6th night: BBC documentary with the musical score performed live 7th night: comedian and DNA and also a show by members of the crew from the Philippines Hope that helps!
  6. We were on the Nieuw Amsterdam this past week and the casino is 100% non smoking. The only smoking option is one side of the pool with a small section of tables.
  7. Hello all! I am so glad I saw this post before boarding the Nieuw Amsterdam last Sunday. I did not realize that unlimited laundry (cost was $49) was an option. We did this and it was the best, having clean, folded laundry delivered every afternoon. It is listed on a document in the cabin, but it is not heavily promoted. I don't know that I would have known about it without seeing this post.
  8. @Fla Mike, thanks for the information. The medication is injectable growth hormones that needs to be refrigerated at all times. Thank you and UtterCaro as well for the recommendation for the Frio cool packs. We have a lunchbox that we use with ice packs for trip days.
  9. Hi! Were you able to rent a refrigerator on the Nieuw Amsterdam? That option was not mentioned to me in my emails with customer service.
  10. If the doors are magnetic, you may want to get a few magnetic dry erase boards/dry erase markers. That way you can write each other messages, then erase and reuse as needed.
  11. Thanks, good to know. I think our plan will be to keep the meds in the refrigerator with ice packs. I'll bring two sets of ice packs and keep one set in the medical center freezer overnight while the other set is in the cabin...or something like that. 😉
  12. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking keeping it in therefrigeratorr with a few ice packs will be a good solution. This is what I was told via email: The mini bar fridge (your stateroom already has one) in guest staterooms are not intended for use with medication as they do not get cool enough for many medications. These units are intended for keeping beverages cool. For medications that require refrigeration, you may request the use of the Medical Center's refrigeration unit.
  13. We are sailing soon on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Two members of our group take a refrigerated medication at bedtime. I have had a few emails with HAL general customer service and Access & Compliance and have been told that the refrigerators in cabins are not meant for medication. However, we are welcome to keep our medications in the medical center. The issue is that these medications need to be taken at bedtime and the medical center is not open in the later evening. I am told that if we need to access our medication at a time when the clinic is not open, there will be a $35.00 fee to have the nurse open the medical center. Does anyone else have experience with this? We are trying to think of ways to possibly save the $245 total fee that this would cost over seven days. Maybe we can keep a cooler in our cabin and keep the medication cold with ice packs that we keep frozen in the medical center freezer? And have two sets of ice packs to rotate as needed? Any other ideas? Thank you!
  14. Great, thanks! I realized that the "7" app does not require wifi so I used it on the ship.
  15. Any recommendations for strength/HIIT workouts on the phone that can be done with no wifi? I usually use the Jillian Michaels app and 7 app. Looking for workouts that can be downloaded to my phone. Thanks!
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