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  1. Wonderful!... Have a good day and nice sailings!... 🙂 🙂 🙂
  2. Having most of my 8 cruises (7 MSC, 1 RCI) been done here in Europe there is quite a paradox relating how both us Europeans and Americans approach cruise evening dressing, and that goes across the board on the industry. While at regular nights Europeans tend to be dressier than the more relaxed Americans; on the elegant or gala nights the ambiance tends to become very glamorous on MSC... And it was even more glamorous with the Americans on RCI... at a point that, while certainly very well dressed for a regular MSC sailing, I was quite "nude" for that Allure sailing!... Regardless; considering what is the usual for Europe, consider dressing like what you'd dress when you'd go for such a relatively special dinner at your nice local restaurant for all your cruise days and dress like when you're invited to a wedding on elegant nights. Good news (at least for me...): elegant nights are being reduced to just one in several sailings recently. And even if not, 2nd elegant night tends to be less glamorous than 1st one. Have a nice day!
  3. In a single word: No need to refund if booking is discouraged. Who knows when and in which conditions will cruise return? Nobody, unfortunately... So they will "follow the program" and just act accordingly when appropriate...
  4. Well: How can they to offer discounts if they don't even know when will they be ready to resume service as it was before the pandemic? Indeed: Lots of vouchers... And no need to print more... I completely agree with the poster who said next year to be more difficult than this for the whole industry, unfortunately.
  5. This is exactly what me and many others think about all of this. Give me facts that they have a solid product that interest me or they are out of my money! As simple as that. MSC is starting to, at least minimally to convince me here in Europe. But it is the unique one really doing so for now. Let the others to really approach and we will see... Solid protocols for safe travels now and in the post Covid era? OK!... Come them. Meanwhile what we have are more or less good intentions... Of those is our world full! Period!... Oh!... And let us not to talk about what this winter seems prepared to offer us. I hope that by the next May or June we can still to be here over discussing these things... But I'm very pessimistic about it. Even if a true and valid vaccine comes, it won't to be magically given to everybody the next day. Come the flu season well in force joined with this Covid thing and in a few days we will talking just about another world unfortunately...
  6. Magnifica is the 2nd ship. No news about the remaining fleet. With the current 2nd wave of Covid-19 cases now spreading all over Europe, I'm very doubtful of any, even if small, opportunity for anything more than what we have now. Spain will be closed for months. Portugal could have been an option, but with most countries imposing restrictions to us, it is now out of question. The UK seems out of question too... And Italy can't absorve more than what they have now. Perhaps the odd ship to Germany... Don't know. This winter won't to be easy...
  7. I haven't seen that anywhere else, but it is possible. They've planned to restart full fleet till October 31... Unfortunately not on this year, sir...
  8. No worry about theme nights. Generally only the Italian night will be more noted once the MDR will be decorated accordingly, with the menu following it. Otherwise, partaking on such parties is entirely optional. On 7 MSC cruises I have never partaken on a single one!... Aft cabins might to be good. Beware that some very aft ones can to be too far away from wherever else. Only you can decide. I personally prefer center ship ones for a bit more stability and better connections to where I want to go. The Magnifica is a beautiful and classy 95 gross tons middle sized ship fully refurbished some 2 or 3 years ago. It might to be in extremely good conditions right now. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of newer ships, you'll certainly to have a nice time there!... I have 2 cruises on her, one of them a Transatlantic from Brazil to Portugal. Have a nice day and nice sailings!
  9. They might very well to have A ship nearly sold out... But they're NOT adding new ships as far as I know... Wondering why?...
  10. First of it all: No matter what most here in CC think or not: Cruising will only return in all its glory on the day general cruisers feel confident to cruise again. Lots of cancellations have already been done and the remaining reservations will more than likely to be far away from the cruise lines limits. MSC has started with a ship and postponed a 2nd ship due to lack of demand, to not talk about the remaining fleet. Industry wise it will be the same for the times being... Bear in mind also the current travel bans on many countries to go to or from the US. Many cabins will be emptied up just from that one after all, especially on the Oasis class which is pretty much popular here in Continental Europe, and I assume, elsewhere in the world. Have a nice day and nice sailings the day they can run!...
  11. No news... Are good news, indeed!... Have a nice day!... 🙂
  12. Industry wise and not MSC specific... Drinks packages are being discouraged on less than 4 nights cruises. Unless you pay for a suite or any other cabin that includes one by default, You'll be more than likely to be denied a drinks package on those cruises, and surely you won't need one if captain decides to make some limitations on bar opening times, for example... And personally I agree. Short cruises tend to become such a drunken environment that can run out of control of the company with all the related bad PR consequences to them... That said, regarding your question, the easy package is not offered at all on short cruises. Premium and above might or not to be offered, depending on region or expected demographics at the ships captain discretion. You might purchase online and be denied at the ship (in that case they will refund you). Aurea and YC cabins that own a drinks package by default will receive them at any time.
  13. Hi!... For my own Lisbon it might to be a good option. Take a look at https://www.visitlisboa.com/en/shop/lisbon-card. Same for Porto: https://visitporto.travel/en-GB/porto-card-landing-page#/. Here is what I can see for Madrid. Information is quite uncertain or incomplete, IMHO. It seems they're changing whatever else these days, perhaps because of the covid situation. If the inclusion of one day HOHO is right, then it is a good choice: https://onlinecitypass.com/en/city-pass/madrid-city-pass-/ My 2nd home Barcelona is such a world of its own. Beware the fact that distances between all the attractions are normally big. You need quite some time to go from one another. The city pass is here: https://www.barcelona.com/barcelona_tickets/barcelona_city_pass Usually the official public transportation companies might to have a tourist card just for public transportation. Some independent HOHO or guided tours operators might to have their own plan. Go to the Cruise Critic ports of call section and you might find reference to some of them. Only you can decide of the real value of them all. One thing is for certain: Lisbon and Porto are very manageable cities. Not too big, not too small either. Madrid and Barcelona, especially the latter are very big cities!... You'll need time to go from attraction to attraction certainly. And those passes might to be of good help!... Hope to have helped a bit. Have a nice day! Oh: And be aware that the current availability and benefits for the cards might to change due to the Covid situation.
  14. Speaking from Portugal: Weather here in October can be a mix of relatively warm or even hot and relatively cold. Nights are generally cold. Possible rain. Schools are in season so fewer people at the most touristy attractions... In Barcelona it is more similar than different. Perhaps a bit less rainy than my own Lisbon... I did a 10 nights Med loop in mid October, and other than the odd rainy Genoa day, the weather was really nice for that time of the year, really. Palma de Maiorca day was even quite like a summer day. You'll have generally a nice time!... Have a nice day and wonderful sailings!...
  15. Many thanks to this lovely job!... 🙂 🙂 🙂
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