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  1. Great review!... Congrats and have a nice time!... Permit me a question? Are they returning the buffet to old times with pax picking their food or is the crew serving you? Your posts suggest the old times model... Not sure if it's good or not these days... Have a nice day and a nice return. Time goes fast!...
  2. Before the pandemic, normally, on average, a dark suit was the norm for formal nights. On the most recent years with the rising plane luggage limits that norm has slightly shifted to dark pants and a nice collared shirt. Tuxedos and other very formal wear for both men and women has always been rare on the less than 5% of the crowd. Mostly people try to be smarter than on other nights. Just that with not anything else more special. Have a nice day and nice sailing!
  3. Very interesting thread to follow along, congrats!... TBHH: Evidently we need to change the oil paradigm for the best of us, on that there is no doubt whatsoever!... So, now the problem is when and how. On the car industry things are sort of on the good way to have that thread solved by something on the mid 30's. But both on the plane and ship side of the pound things seem to be on the very early stages of the transition with lots of challenges whatever else the possible technology to be employed on, with no one being a clear winner right now. I believe nothing substantial will be
  4. Port side YC privileges here in Europe used to be only offered on your departure port. Otherwise butlers will escort you for your bus if you have an MSC excursion booked. Nothing special for return. I'd advise that during the current post pandemic ordeal, shore excursion organization will likely to be a nightmare. Expect lots of cancellations, time changes and confusing arrangements depending on the ports of call capability to deal with their own regulations that change by country or by region even across the EU. Have a nice day!
  5. Sadly I need to 1000% agree with you. Prices have been sort of stable on "steerage" till 2018 or so, but the product has effectively declined. Don't know about the YC. Their prices has risen up constantly and consistently to an extent that they're clearly overpriced right now. By the price of a regular YC1 you can snag a basic V1-V2 cabin on Viking. And for a little up charge a DV1-DV2 might to be possible on certain sailings. While I don't like to make those comparisons about cruise lines, I'm just opening here an exception because those are 2 very different worlds!... In no way I'd pay MSC w
  6. Never gone with Costa, but that's exactly my impression from my friends whom have done both Costa and MSC. Many thanks and have a nice day!...
  7. Generally they don't "police" the dress codes as stated on their written websites and material, but as per my experience they're little bit more demanding on the Nordic Seas and the Russian sailings both out of Germany or Denmark, so is the average clientele on those sailings. Back in the day suit and tie would to be the norm on those sailings for both YC or "steerage" alike.
  8. Me too!... So, how can I do that with those ugly airline restrictions? In order to circle them, I used to dress my formal night suit for the flights!... Surely I'd to be out of place in the airport, but that is what works for me!... Either way, I used those same suits all days for my working journeys!... Have a nice day!...
  9. Perhaps other regions than the Caribbean. MSC tends to work differently by the cruise region.
  10. Hi!... As DCGuy says, MSC is mostly Europeans whom want to dress a little bit up. Certainly with all the ongoing worsening airline luggage restrictions, us Europeans are now dressing far less up than we used to do some 20 years ago when cruising... But, there is a thing we are retaining for sure: Dinner as a social experience we want to enjoy. On Sundays and holidays, dinner is for us the moment where we stop to enjoy the nice food while we discuss both our day's adventures and our plans for the nearest future. Sometimes we save some 2 hours or more for that ritual. Unless we are at the beach
  11. It has been mostly said by the previous posters. Let me just to underline that MSC is very international in nature. That said, lots of nationalities aboard, more visual like shows on the theater, longer announcements when appropriate, and such a more reserved way of service providing. Yes, on the US they're far less than the competitors, here in Europe not so much these days... Have a nice day and nice sailings!...
  12. Many thanks to the nice, balanced and honest review. Sadly nobody in the industry is willing to give us affordable elegant cruising for us adults as it was some 20 years ago. Now it is either family friendly amusement parks at see, or just book with a luxury line... Have a nice day!...
  13. Or let us to pay attention to the detail... This expenditure has a partner... Italian shipyard company Fincantieri!... Maybe they'll to use those docks for far more than cruise ship embarkation/debarkation. Small cruise and cargo ship repairs that don't need a dry dock are a very high possibility for the days they're not using the facility as a cruise terminal. Either way, it is very curious to a shipyard entering the ports business. They might to know what they're doing!...
  14. Quite unpredictable because that will most likely to have something to do with the restrictions that will to be low of the land at your cruise region at your date's time. Either way, most people feel not confident enough to cruise yet, so don't count on a full sip. Far from that sadly. I believe the current real demand to be barely a little bit above the 50% occupancy mark, with some exceptions. 2021 summer cruise season is sadly done. Let us to have a hope on 2022... Have a nice day!...
  15. Yeah!... Out of the "big 4" (or "big 5" if one joins Viking) on the whole cruise industry, MSC is, no doubt the one in better position to succeed these days, because they are the unique ones that have an incredible support from that enormous container ship business, to let alone all the other land and see businesses they're involved in!... They can do whatever else they want on the cruising front, and a proof of that is that they're the unique one in the market that haven't send an old ship to the scrapyard since the pandemic has started!...
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