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  1. So, they instead of your drink of choice, they served you what seems to be a variant from a virgin banana split they used to have on the kids cocktail page on the regular bar menu???... Hilarious!... What's going on that ship, lately???... Oh, my!... You made my day!... πŸ™‚ Keep the nice review coming and have a nice day and sailing!... πŸ™‚
  2. Wonderful review with very nice photos. Congrats!... Let me just to explain the passport situation: All the 27 states of the European Union plus the UK (at least for now...), and a few other European nations form what is known as the Schengen Agreement, that for the practical life of all of us means that once inside the "club" you can freely circulate amongst all the members as you please, making all the organized travels inside the "club" domestic travels, so, if you're from a foreign country, you'll only need to pass immigration when you're returning home. One time I crossed the Central Europe by bus, and one day I crossed between 3 different countries, and I only noticed I was on each other once the cell phone rang with each country welcome message! Basically you'll never need to have your passport with you. Your cruise card suffice in case of any urgent need from the authorities here. Few exceptions apply: If you want to use the Casinos; if you pre purchased online certain Vatican City tickets or private tours; or if it is advertised as being required elsewhere. If your health insurance plan covers travel expenses in Europe, bring its card, obviously. Russia is outside the Schengen Agreement and you'll need your passport with you as well as the visa, normally obtained with the purchase of a shore excursion from the ship or an authorized vendor. Hope to have helped. As regarding the language issues: TBHH; in some nearly 15 years of cruising I have never have them on any company that be including MSC... But this time of the year, at least on MSC uses to be the worse in terms of service consistency once it is the time they use to rotate crews from the ones serving the summer European market to the ones serving the winter ones, sometimes on south America or elsewhere. Again... TBHH; being English the de facto "free language" of our world; if MSC (or anyone else dealing with global markets at that extent to say the least...) wants to effectively grow up at that level, permanent English language training schemes for their employees must to be a top priority!... Finally as per the food: TBHH; that is subjective of course; and TBHH as per your photos I would with no doubt to eat it all... But again: Perhaps you had the "good luck" to have turnaround crew week!... But again: That burger bun situation you mentioned is not really up to par with what, even at the 4* European hotel market uses to offer for regular guests, let alone suites is the usual!... They must to correct it. Have a nice day and nice sailings!... πŸ™‚
  3. Not exactly a big surprise by itself... This is the current trend on the mainstream (4*) cruise industry these days... Quite surprising though is that they have chosen the youngest of the Musica class sisters to start this project!... I wouldn't say never... But, for now that is not for me... It would have been better (and at the end of the day more profitable for them...) if they had added such a mid ship YC instead of a multitude of new regular cabins which will end up being mostly sold at a discount more likely than not... Have a nice day!... :)
  4. See my answers in blue! Have a nice day and a lovely sailing!... Bear in mind though that the YC is another entirely different beast than whatever Carnival has on offer!... Think like a more classical way of travelling coupled with a more international vibe from the multinational guests mix!... You'll have a very nice time!... πŸ™‚
  5. Wonderful review, congrats!... πŸ™‚ In some ways I strongly appreciate those photo reviews! And yours is not an exception. Nice work!... Those reviews tend to be the most balanced both in the positives and the negatives, documenting that the writer was effectively on the ship! I can see myself on that cruise with all the positives... And the negatives, including that muster drill thing that I own experienced back in the day!... Sometimes it just need to be one of the cards bad swiped... And here it is the letter from the Captain!... Generally they solve it with no problem, but it isn't great!... And from someone whom has worked for quite a while with the volunteer first aid team on my office building let me just to give a strong congratulation for your extremely right attitude on this subject! Muster drill is NOT another entertainment event like we see it on other cruise and air lines!... Muster drill IS for the passengers well being!... πŸ™‚ But there are always those ones whom will never understand!... πŸ™‚ Have a nice day!... πŸ™‚
  6. Well... Ok: By living and mostly travelling myself just across the pound in the southern med, I think I have something to say on this one!... First of all; as many have noted weather is at certain extent unpredictable at a long distance. Bear in mind that!... That said, TBHH, I tend to avoid mid July to mid September for cruising and general city touring, because that is generally school holiday time for most of the European kids, and main holiday time for most of their parents!... So, usually I prefer something from mid May to mid July or mid September to mid November. Those are usually very nice times. Mid November to mid mid May might to be nice... But it is pretty much uncertain!... So now: Would I pick a specific month for cruising? Really not!... By and large all of them do have their advantages and disadvantages!... πŸ™‚ I tend to give more attention to other details. To avoid the huge crowds and the kids is one. Price is another. And to pay attention to the conditions of the particular travel I am choosing is another. Have a nice day!... πŸ™‚
  7. This is for what there is something named travel insurance. TBHH, when I travel I usually buy such a good and reliable travel insurance plan, and by that I am not talking about those "crap" insurance packages some companies impose on you on your base line prices. I am talking about professional travel insurance plans that will effectively work. Fortunately I have never need to use them. Good luck on me, but... We never know!... Meanwhile, if you purchased air tickets directly from MSC, they will certainly to find some solutions... But nothing really more than to facilitate things as far as possible. Have a nice day!... πŸ™‚
  8. Exactly Bea!... Last year during my Magnifica TA from Brazil, Food and Beverage Manger told me MSC was considering to remove the 2nd elegant night replacing it by the Italian or a "main port" for that particular sailing homage night with casual dress code. Seems that they are slowly rolling it on full fleet! ...So many things have changed on the cruise industry on the last few years, some for the better, some not so much... But this is one on where I need to applaud!... Let us just to see the current luggage limits on planes and the nearly finish of the professional photo business in favour of our own smart phone photos!... No way will I carry special clothes for 2 nights any more!... And even for the odd one remaining... I try to be sort of creative with the options!... Have a nice day!... πŸ™‚
  9. Yes, Bea, they have a nice product indeed!... Even though their prices have risen up lately... On the other hand, or is it only me here, or they are coming back to reality at least for cruises out of the Mediterranean prime season (July and August)!... It is a question of searching and finding each day for what becomes ready day after day. Regarding the drinks packages I am more on the likes of the simplification that the competitors are doing currently... But indeed: To each, its own, really!... MSC has lots of packages, on lots of regions!... With their lovely ships they would to be unstoppable if they happen to think little bit more globally than they think... Indeed, for me as far as they remain what they are now at the right price... I would be more than happy to cruise with them!... Have a nice day!...
  10. If there is something where MSC shines that is certainly maintenance and cleanliness. That said, this ship had her 10 years old mandatory big dry dock 3 years ago, And has enjoyed some continual maintenance since there. She will have her mandatory big dry dock in 2 years. I don't know if she has enjoyed any big revitalization on the mean time... What I know is that you will find her a lovely "small" ship in a very good shape, even if with some dated but functional equipment... And very well clean, to say the least!... Just 2 other notes: The cruise department is only the smallest part of the MSC empire, representing less than 5% of their global profit. They are maritime specialists from the cargo and oil transportation markets!... The Musica is a relatively "small" ship for the current mainstream cruise market point of view. It is nice... But don't count on many "bells & whistles". For example: Their Gelato shop will be a small "corner" in the pool bar. The coffee bar will likely to be part of the atrium one, etc... Have a nice day and a nice sailing!... πŸ™‚
  11. Wonderful review! Many thanks!... Have a nice day!... πŸ™‚
  12. Exactly!... That and possibly something to do with time intervals between maintenances required by the parts manufacturer listed on their manuals or by the European Union regulations to enter its main territories, or both ones if that matter... Have a nice day!...
  13. ...Yes!... Absolutely!... Perhaps there is a deep reason that can explain that. Imagine departures from Rome or even Barcelona: You can likely to do those distances from most of the European countries to your embarkation port of choice by plane on less than 2 hours, that is equivalent to say most folks will fly directly on the cruise day!... 4 Years ago I flew direct from Lisbon to Barcelona (nearly a 75 minutes flight) on my Allure of the Seas cruise departure day!... πŸ™‚ It is worth to notice also that many Europeans are supposed to manage their holiday time with their bosses by mid March to Mid April... Few time to search for travel opportunities for many... And many await some "last minute" deals... Sometimes successfully... Some times not so... Meanwhile permit me to give many thanks for the wonderful work @chengkp75 is doing on this forum right now!... Cruise Critic should award him the "Resident Chief Engineer" title!. Have a nice weekend!... πŸ™‚
  14. The "blue bus" plus HOHO is exactly the easy way to go. As far as I can know, Barcelona is trying a fixed Taxi fare from the cruise terminal to anywhere on the city. I don't know the details but as per my own vast experience once I lived there back in the day, Taxis in Barcelona are not cheap by any means... Plenty of them though!... Not so long ago; one of the companies offering HOHO in Barcelona, the one that owns their public transportation system used to run their HOHO to the cruise terminals. Don't know if that remains true. Barcelona is a wonderful city. Beware the long distances between attractions. The city is big. And yes... Things now are far better than say 20 or 30 years ago... But beware the pickpockets!... πŸ™‚
  15. Many thanks dear @chengkp75 for your wonderful participation on those boards! Lisnave shipyards in Lisbon were abandoned 19 years ago when the firm went nearly bankrupt, but even if it was operational now I believe it would to be useless for an Oasis class ship, because most likely such a ship could not go below the "25 of April" bridge. Though they retain in the company the old Setenave Shipyards in SetΓΊbal (some 100 miles south of Lisbon) where currently they are extremely well succeed on the cargo ship maintenance business. 1 of the 2 berths there is surely Oasis class capable... But they might to be full booked for the year long as far as I imagine! Have a nice day!
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