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  1. That’s everyone for your comments and helping we have decided to go for a eastern Caribbean cruise and a few nights near the port before it 😃
  2. We were going to do harmony of the seas
  3. Thats good see part of me thought, a one year old if just to young but when you look at you tube videos you actually see loads of baby’s and strollers etc. Quite surprised how many do it but can’t be as relaxing as a cruise and the option of the nursery on it and chilling on the beach etc we did think of doing the two weeks in the parks and just going at a lot slower pace. Like half days in parks and half days at the resort etc but my partner seems to think the cruise would be better now
  4. Sounds good think we are going to just go with the cruise on harmony
  5. We were thinking of doing harmony of the seas as that looks really good and I think it’s got a nursery
  6. Yeah we would be quite happy doing beaches etc anyway and just relaxing the chances are if we done Disney it would be in 2021 the 50th anniversary and as much as we love it the queues then is putting as off a bit and we are thinking it might be a bit to tiring
  7. Sounds a lot more relaxing compared to the parks am thinking at that age did you use the nursery much
  8. Yeah that’s a good point another thing that puts us off the parks is we can’t really can’t do any thrill rides together I no there is rider switch but your alone
  9. Would defo want to pick one or the other as that’s our two favourite types of holiday we plan on going at a later age to anyway
  10. Hey We are planning in doing a cruise with a one year old. From Uk. Also going to perfect day. Which I have never done Just had a few questions that hopefully some of you can help with - We are changing back and for between Disney world or a RC cruise (dcl to much now ). Would you say the cruise would be better and less tiring and more relaxing. Would be making use of the Nursery to - was planning the eastern cruise. Would you say there is plenty of excisions for a one year old to go on with us. - we no both the parks or a cruise with be tiring with a baby starting to think the cruise might be better. Rather than waiting in long queues I would also like to no what u would pick if you were in my situation
  11. Really don’t no. I’d like to no that to though
  12. Oh great and I wasn’t sure about paying £152. Hoping it would have gone lower than that 😂
  13. Our 8 night sailing UDP was £152 and now it’s £176. I take it the £152 was it on sale then ?
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