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  1. I think you could be right. I am looking at other cruise lines and they seem to have much better offers than what royal does I called royal up and they said I would be able to use my FCC on our twins even though they weren’t on the original booking. So at least that’s something
  2. Hopefully a offer will come out soon then
  3. 6 months to use the voucher if u have money left over is not long ether
  4. Aw well. Need to hope they do a kids sail free offer or I’m screwed
  5. that’s a bit rubbish as they weren’t born at that point oh well
  6. I thought u could share the FCC with other people in your room now
  7. oh right so it can’t be used towards our twins fare as my wife gave birth recently also is there a time when kids go free is likely to come out based on other years
  8. When did they extend it last? are u said your sure I can use a FCC on someone in the room that wasn’t on the original booking, so they don’t have a fcc. Just cos it says in the email they sent it’s for that person only
  9. any guesses to if they will extend the 30th sept date
  10. 30 sept 2022 must be booked by 30th April 2022
  11. who would u recommend going with. We are two adults and two one year old at the time Only ever been royal Disney and royal
  12. land they can make the cruises silly money and lock people in so they can’t get a refund on the FCC. Never right
  13. So if u want to do a cruise before the end of the FCC, you are going to pay a lot it seems
  14. but if I wanted to do a cruise next year and never had a FCC it would be even more i just looked up the Greek cruises for us and it’s crazy money. It’s like double do u think prices will come down or some sort of good promotion by next summer i just don’t no if I should be trying to book something in case spaces get full or wait until an offer or prices reduce for summer 2022
  15. do u think we will see it before the FCC expirey date
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