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  1. Am I right in saying if u book a cruise by 1st august for say April 2022 and cancel then the new FCC is until April 2023
  2. That’s it out now. Knew it would be today
  3. Expect the next lot of cancellations today
  4. So if u have a voucher that’s valid until April 2022 and there is credit left on the voucher and u decide to do your cruise in April 2022 say. Will they issue u a new voucher for a further 12 months if not it’s going u no time to use it
  5. what if the FCC is say just 50 short. Can u just pay the extra 50 plus port fees or do u need to pay the whole deposit
  6. Can the FCC be used for the whole booking Thought I seen somewhere it can’t cover deposit of the cruise or port fees
  7. well u could cancel it if you wanted anytime from when u make the booking up to April 2022. (48 hours before)
  8. Well according to that you could cancel your cruise for as far out as say 10th April 2022 and u would get a credit to cruise by 10th April 2023
  9. Can people who cancelled there cruise there self get a FCC refunded
  10. Is the FCC valid for offers I may see like onboard credit etc
  11. If I better offer comes out can I cancel and re book with the voucher for another cruise with the offer also how long have FCC been taken to arrive
  12. Thanks can anyone help with my other questions - if I book by 1st august this year, for say sept 2021 and I decide to cancel do I get a voucher to go on another cruise and I must take it by sept 2022 - how much is the voucher for, if u have more than the deposit Paid and u cancel before pay in full date, do they give u a voucher for deposit and refund the rest or how does that work - if we did need to cancel when we re book can some of that money go towards a third person who wasn’t on the original booking - if a offer come out say, all inclusive. Could I cancel my booking, take the voucher and book a new cruise so it included the better offer
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