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  1. what do you mean by book and re price. Are you allowed to change The booking to a different offer if you want to, not sure if it’s different for uk bookings
  2. Ill keep a look out do you think it will come back this year for 2022
  3. Does anyone know when in 2020 the kids free places come out just so I have a rough idea
  4. Our usual beach - god you no your stuff. U most know everything about royal 😃
  5. If you accept a FCC how long do you have to take a cash refund if you did change your mind
  6. When have kids free places normally come out in the past. Might keep an eye out. I no it may be different now though
  7. so I can also use that FCC towards the twins that won’t be on our first booking ? and it’s ok on promotions
  8. Thanks everyone for that info does anyone think it’s to risky as there is a high chance if cruises don’t start soon they could go bust I no all cruises lines are struggling but I have no idea how close royal could be from bankruptcy also I thought the credit card can get you your money back in the event this does happen
  9. If they do I thought you are covered by the credit card company
  10. so if I accept the FCC the full cruise will become a FCC apart from the port fees or if the cruise is cancelled before final payment is it just the deposit they make a FCC
  11. Hi We are wanting to book a cruise for September 2022 for the 2 of us and come a few weeks time the twins who will be about a year and a half and I was wondering a few things - If I book a cruise for the start of May 2021 and it gets cancelled would that mean a 125% FCC which I could then use for sept 22. And even if it did sail then I could cancel upto 48 hours before so seems like a win win unless I am missing something - it would just be me and my wife on the booking if I done that but can I use the FCC towards the twins cruise fair when I re book with
  12. If I had a booking for two and want to share the FCC with a third person in the room that was not on the original booking can I do that
  13. Am I right in saying if u book a cruise by 1st august for say April 2022 and cancel then the new FCC is until April 2023
  14. That’s it out now. Knew it would be today
  15. Expect the next lot of cancellations today
  16. So if u have a voucher that’s valid until April 2022 and there is credit left on the voucher and u decide to do your cruise in April 2022 say. Will they issue u a new voucher for a further 12 months if not it’s going u no time to use it
  17. what if the FCC is say just 50 short. Can u just pay the extra 50 plus port fees or do u need to pay the whole deposit
  18. Can the FCC be used for the whole booking Thought I seen somewhere it can’t cover deposit of the cruise or port fees
  19. well u could cancel it if you wanted anytime from when u make the booking up to April 2022. (48 hours before)
  20. Well according to that you could cancel your cruise for as far out as say 10th April 2022 and u would get a credit to cruise by 10th April 2023
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