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  1. Surly If there are no cruises this year, cruise lines will go bust
  2. Why would they ban you from cruising with them for trying to get your money back your due?
  3. But why have the issued some refunds to customers if they were thinking in going bankrupt
  4. If royal cancelled would u not be ale to cancel for FCC and get a cash refund
  5. So what bills do they still have to pay while in lock down
  6. What makes u think they won’t be able to use them
  7. Couldnt agree more 10 hours of my time wasted in sorted a 10 second refund. Dont think they would wait on the line for me if it took me 10 hours to make the payment
  8. Yes I agree I wish I never ever mentioned extending it. But even still shouldn't have caused all this hassle I actually called once yesterday and he couldn't find anything with my booking number even though everyone else could. He then tried by name and sail date. After 5 times of my name and 30 mins on the phone still couldn't find it. Gave up and called back I have never seen anything like what hassle I had yesterday just for a refund. Even a manager saying it's not even cancelled my sailing. Was totally stressed out I have just received another invoice
  9. unfortunately things changed our end from the weeks ago I asked them that the main issue here though is the poor customer service there giving. About 10 calls to sort a refund
  10. Well if I never called them it would never have been done. And after 10 hours on the phone over the last wee while to them, becomes stressful I am not going anywhere in a hurry but due to less income for us now we could do with the money back Not to mention they could go bankrupt
  11. Yes there is global event but that doesn't meant I should need to mess about on a phone for over 10 hours getting told wrong information and passed about everywhere just to get my refund
  12. And good luck to anyone else that has requested a refund. You will need it
  13. I thought I would share my experience in the very poor customer service from royal we have experienced and that's putting it nicely We are in the UK and royal cancelled our cruise and I asked for the full refund of £2748 So I got the email saying we can get a full refund or 125% credit, so I called them up and asked them if they could extend the FCC by one year as due to my wife's pregnancy, not been aloud to travel with a baby under 6 months and the fact we already have a holiday booked at the end of next year it's not possible for us to go next year. So they said tha
  14. So if someone cancels a cruise for next year it will take over a year to refund then doubt it
  15. Does anyone have the link to where I cancel to get the full refund instead of the FCC
  16. Disney cruise line only cancelling upto 12th April as it stands
  17. So Alaska in cancelled for may whats the options royal is giving you for these cruises
  18. I no I get a full refund by my credit card for the FCC if they go bust for not receiving goods/service
  19. I have it in writing from them that it only needs to be used to book by 31st Dec 2021. And the cruise itself can be after that
  20. I just called my credit card company and they said my money would be refunded by them as part of some credit act for not receiving goods/service thank goodness for that if they did happen
  21. I have a 2600 FCC is people saying this is at risk to losing the lot ?
  22. Yes that's what I seen on the website to but he said as long as it's booked by 31st December 2021 its classed as redeemed and I asked to speak to a manager as I thought the same but he sent me confirmation in writing you can also call and see what they tell u but that's what I have been told
  23. I have called them and have written confirmation that you can use the FCC for 2022-2023. As long as the cruise is booked by 31st December 2021
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