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  1. How come I can’t book ODYSSEY of the seas for summer 2021 from rome
  2. See that’s what am thinking. I only have a choice of two restaurants and am not fussed ether way on wonderland so do I really need the unlimited dinning plan
  3. yeah there was no 5 night option we don’t do Izumi and we aren’t that keen on wonderland food so that only leaves chops and Jamie’s if I do the three night package plus one lunch at Jamie’s that would mean going twice to chops and twice to Jamie’s and saving over 100 pounds I’m starting to think would u really want to be going back to them much more than that 😕
  4. I'll need to check prices on Black Friday to anyone else got advise on what they would do in my situation
  5. Only thing is I would only be going back to two resturants so wasn't to sure if it was worth doing or if the three night was enough
  6. Yeah mybe your right I was going to do 2 chops and 2 Jamie's if not and that would save just over hundred, means I would be going to these 3/4 times each though 🤔
  7. Yeah it's a hard one because one of the resturants we wouldn't go to, then wonderland not to fussed on. So I think that would only leave chops, Jamie's, and jr, can't decide if a three night one plus the lunch and Jamie's is enough 🤔
  8. Just trying to decide what to pick between for our 8 night anthem of the seas cruise in may 2020 - £188 pounds for 3 night dinning package & 1 lunch at Jamie's or - £304 pounds for the unlimited dinning we arent that keen on sushi and my wife could be pregnant come then so that would rule that out the sushi restaurant and not to fussed on wonderland as we have done it before and the experience is great but not that keen on the food we do love Jamie's and chops grill though we might do johnny rockets once but
  9. Hi can someone tell me what the nurserys are like on the bigger ships e.g. Harmony of the seas do you only get so many hours. Someone told me two hours max a day only they can left? whats the hours normally how many hours do you normally get for a weeks cruise and can you sometimes get more would you say there as good as Disneys
  10. I would like to know this to whats the point in saying a hourly rate for a nursery if you can’t leave them
  11. I don’t see that offer on the U.K. site we often get free all inslusive which I’m happy with
  12. I think I miss understood I thought the third person was the same price as first and second but I see people are saying the third person is cheaper regardless of it been a baby or a adult
  13. About 1000 less than disney and royal would be all inslusive
  14. Just looked up dates there on royal and it is showing a baby at about half the price of a adult
  15. yeah am just shocked that they charge 100% off adult when there are other lines at 30% of what a adult would be but oh well
  16. Really I expected to pay for the baby of course but never knew it would be the same price for a 9 month old baby as it is for a adult we have mainly only gone with Disney and I know they are about 30percent of what a adult normally is so that’s quite a lot
  17. Will that effect the price I have noticed there are double rooms for about 1500 for two adults but as soon as I add a baby it gives us less room choices and is about 2700
  18. Hi if we are due to have a baby and don’t no the name, DOB etc can we add a baby to the reservation with out the baby been born so we can lock in rates
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