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  1. I have it in writing from them that it only needs to be used to book by 31st Dec 2021. And the cruise itself can be after that
  2. I just called my credit card company and they said my money would be refunded by them as part of some credit act for not receiving goods/service thank goodness for that if they did happen
  3. I have a 2600 FCC is people saying this is at risk to losing the lot ?
  4. Yes that's what I seen on the website to but he said as long as it's booked by 31st December 2021 its classed as redeemed and I asked to speak to a manager as I thought the same but he sent me confirmation in writing you can also call and see what they tell u but that's what I have been told
  5. I have called them and have written confirmation that you can use the FCC for 2022-2023. As long as the cruise is booked by 31st December 2021
  6. spot on our reasons is we plan in having a baby after the cruise we were going to do and I don't want to go to the Caribbean with Zika virus then once the baby is born they can't go on a cruise anyway for the at least 6 months so it really leaves 2021 out the question for us
  7. Well the way things are going I can see cruises been cancelled anyway by royal
  8. You should call and ask them. The rep sent me a email confirming that information as I wanted proof
  9. Yes but if I cant travel next year it doesn't help thankfully I just called them and it only needs booked by December 31st 2021. And can be use on a 2022 cruise or even 2023 if there out
  10. Just off the phone to royal Caribbean they said as long as the voucher is redeemed by 31st December 2021 it can be used for any other cruises they have out past that date thats handy
  11. Just calling them to explain if it can be 2022
  12. With the way this virus is going I can't see us feeling safe of a sailing this year and next year we are unable to go
  13. If I am unable to take a cruise during that time hardly seems fair that I would lose my money
  14. Hi i have a cruise in June I want to cancel because of this virus after this I am unable to go on another cruise in till 2022. Can I use the voucher for 2022 as long as it's booked by 31st December 2021?
  15. How come I can’t book ODYSSEY of the seas for summer 2021 from rome
  16. See that’s what am thinking. I only have a choice of two restaurants and am not fussed ether way on wonderland so do I really need the unlimited dinning plan
  17. yeah there was no 5 night option we don’t do Izumi and we aren’t that keen on wonderland food so that only leaves chops and Jamie’s if I do the three night package plus one lunch at Jamie’s that would mean going twice to chops and twice to Jamie’s and saving over 100 pounds I’m starting to think would u really want to be going back to them much more than that 😕
  18. I'll need to check prices on Black Friday to anyone else got advise on what they would do in my situation
  19. Only thing is I would only be going back to two resturants so wasn't to sure if it was worth doing or if the three night was enough
  20. Yeah mybe your right I was going to do 2 chops and 2 Jamie's if not and that would save just over hundred, means I would be going to these 3/4 times each though 🤔
  21. Yeah it's a hard one because one of the resturants we wouldn't go to, then wonderland not to fussed on. So I think that would only leave chops, Jamie's, and jr, can't decide if a three night one plus the lunch and Jamie's is enough 🤔
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