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  1. Really don’t no. I’d like to no that to though
  2. Oh great and I wasn’t sure about paying £152. Hoping it would have gone lower than that 😂
  3. Our 8 night sailing UDP was £152 and now it’s £176. I take it the £152 was it on sale then ?
  4. I was meaning more are there any other places apart from the restaurants that the unlimited dinning package gets so I no u got playmakers on some ships. Is there other bars or places that is included in it
  5. On anthem of the seas with the unlimited dinning package is there any places you get other snacks included I no they don’t have a play makers but you could have got wings etc if they did. Do they have anything like that on anthem ?
  6. Just need to keep an eye out I think could you price drop much is is that just standard
  7. How soon is your sailing I wonder if yours will be any cheaper the closer it gets
  8. Its may 2020 So instead of 152 each how much do u think I could get it for in the sales
  9. The unlimited dinning plan is coming in at £152 each for a 8 night cruise on anthem of the seas I am aware I can cancel upto a few days before the sailing but do these packages normally get cheaper closer to the sailing on not ?
  10. Post 8 said they booked a 5 night one I assume that's a longer cruise
  11. What so u can get unlimited food in play makers on the anthem of the seas ? With the unlimited dinning plan
  12. So whys it not allowing me to book the five night one 🤔
  13. Also wonder does izumi have any mains that isn't sushi? and is Johnny rockets included in the unlimited dinning plan?
  14. Also is £152 for a unlimited 8 night cruise good or do they do discounts closer to the sailing
  15. Oh that's a shame. When did that end Wonder why they done that
  16. hi was just wanting some advice on the dinning package. We are doing anthem of the seas next year for 8 nights with three days at sea i don't see any 5 night packages for this trip, do they normally come out later ? does anyone no the cost of the five night package ? am I better booking the unlimited dinning package it's £152 each. We would probably eat 5 or 6 nights plus a few lunches if we done this or am I better booking the 5 night one when it comes out hopefully and paying my sea day lunches as a extra also if I wait to closer to the time could they offer a better discount on the packages ? Not sure what to do
  17. hey We are currently saving for a trip. We are from the Uk and will be me and my partner early 30s and a one year old We are really stuck in what to decide between - 14 night probably CBR with dinning plan or 4/5 in Miami or coco beach and then a 7 night cruise on royal Caribbean or Disney depending on price. But probably royal We have only went to Disney ourself upto now and we are wondering if 14 nights is just to much with a baby. I no magic kingdom is the main park for baby rides etc but will there be enough for all that time and as adults will we get fed up of all the baby rides as we will miss the thrill rides together. We were planning in doing baby sitting a few nights but that's starting to make it even more costly Anyway what would you do and what's your advice Thanks in advance for any help
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